Charging Up Your Batteries, Drugs And Other Hazards

Tips To Charge Up Your Batteries, Drugs And Potential Hazards

Becoming a sexual athlete is certainly not an easy task. You have to charge up your batteries by taking the right amount of rest and sleep every day. This will help you to boost your sexual energy, so that you could use it whenever required.

According to the ancient Taoist, it is believed that a man should have sexual intercourse as many times as he can without ejaculating to develop energy for rejuvenation and well being. However, this is not what has been noticed in athletes.

Many professionals do not prefer to have sex before any competition, so that they do not lose their energy at all and perform better. This is the Taoist theory. A few men have learnt that they could easily have sex the whole night, but they need to rest the next day. Meaning, a person who has had sex all night need not work the next day, as he would have been drained of all energy because of sex.

You do not have to go to the gym or have a stress day at work, and then have sex whole night, and again repeat this hectic routine. If you follow such a daily routine, it will surely have a negatively impact your health and immunity. Hence in order to have great sex life, you need two things, adequate sleep and rest.

There is another Taoist theory according to which it is possible to determine your health with your penis. This theory states that if you have good erection, then this means you are healthy and fit. If you have firm erections, not only will you enjoy sexual encounter, but so will your partner.

Check out the drugs and other hazards

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There are medications for every problem, be it a viral fever or a dangerous cancer. However, all the drugs are accompanied by a set of side effects. Like any other drug, medicines for penis disorder have dangerous side effects.

Even if you take moderate drugs like heroin or cocaine, they could cause brain damage. There are many prescribed antibiotics that could even lead to impotency. Hence, before taking any prescription drug, you must consult your doctor or a good herbalist. They could solve your problem.

These steroids will not only damage your organs like kidney, liver or heart, but they also negatively impact your sexual life. Here are some dangerous effects of taking cheap steroids on your reproductive system. Your testosterone production might decrease and your testicles could shrink.

Smoking is really dangerous for your lungs and overall health as well. However, you must know how it could impact your sexual performance badly. As you smoke and inhale the toxins, you will decrease the blood and oxygen supply to your arteries. This will ultimately decrease your erections and gradually affect your sexual performance. Hence, you could reduce or quit smoking to live a better life ahead.

We do consume alcohol during the parties, in clubs, discos, etc. Drinking alcohol in moderation is certainly not wrong. You could take a little every day, as it will not affect your health. Even the medical studies have proved it. However, if you consume too much alcohol, it will impact your sexual performance. Here, moderation is the key to a healthy being. It is not that you do not have to have alcohol at all. You have a drink, if you like, but not get drunk.

You could have other alternatives to alcohol. You could have juices and healthy food items. You must avoid also avoid beverages such as coffee. Coffee contains caffeine that is certainly not good for your sex life.

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