Small Penis Syndrome

What is a Small penis syndrome? It is typically a type of psychological disorder. Men suffering from this condition are easily and excessively affected and preoccupied with the fact that their penises are small. The condition is purely psychological particularly because men suffering from it have a medically fit and normal penis of average size.

Their penises measure between 5 inches to 6.5 inches in length and 4 to 5 inches girth in erect form. Small penis syndrome is a term that is commonly used on the internet. However, SPS isn't the official term that is utilized during the diagnosis of psychological conditions of this nature. The proper name for this mental condition is Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Nevertheless, it has a broader definition which includes the actual body defects instead of the just perceived conditions such as SPS, in this case.

Men suffering from SPS are mostly focused as well as fixated on women, what they want and what they don't want. Unfortunately, they view women as being castrating, ridiculing, powerful and some form of the goddess. For the purpose of clarity, this article concentrates on men who have average penis size or bigger yet believe that they have a small penis.

No one can blame this category of men for their obsession. Science has spoken; it is true that the size of a man's penis does matter a lot. A study that was published recently by a researcher at the University of Ottawa revealed that the length of a penis exerts a measurable impact on women, when evaluating prospective sexual partners. According to the research findings, a flaccid penis size normally has a considerable influence on the attractiveness of a man. Apparently, men with bigger penises were rated more attractive compared to the ones with relatively smaller ones.

A separate research study revealed the same findings- the man's penis size is equated with his power as well as masculinity. An internet survey involving 52,031 heterosexuals from both genders was conducted to gather views about the penis size. 66 percent of the men rated their penis as of average size, 22 percent as large and only 12 percent as small.

The self-measured penis size was apparently correlated positively with the men's height and negatively with the level of their body fat. It is ironical that although 85 percent of the interviewed woman were comfortable with the penis size of their partners, only 55 percent of men were comfortable with their penis size. An interesting revelation is that 45 percent of them wanted to have larger penis and only a very small percentage of 0.2 desired a smaller penis. Satisfaction was the same for the men aged between 18-65 years.

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It is disturbing to note that men still struggle with feelings of inadequacy while 85 percent of women are comfortable with the penis size of their male partners. 15 percent of the women who confirmed being unsatisfied with the penis size of their partners said that it was either too big that it hurts or too small (a micropenis-measuring less than three inches). This is enough prove that a lot of penis related anxiety that men suffer is purely psychological.

Causes of small penis syndrome

Men have a tendency of comparing their penis with that of fellow men. Undoubtedly, this is the greatest risk factor as far as SPS is concerned. This is particularly common among the teens, and a young man travels with this feeling of inadequacy to their adulthood. You must already know that flaccid penis size usually vary considerably.

It is important to note that very small flaccid penises can grow to either average size or bigger penis when erect. On the other hand, some can have a large flaccid penis that grows very little during erection- they only get hard but usually very little. The correct way to measure your penis size is when it's hard. You must note that a big flaccid penis doesn't necessarily translate to a huge erect penis.

Other causes of small penis syndrome include:

  • Inadequate or poor sex education
  • Past physical or emotional abuse
  • A series of negative sexual experiences
  • A history of genitalia teasing and general and specific teasing about size of the penis can be problematic and cause SPS
  • Being on the lower side of average penis size when erect
  • A wrong and unrealistic perception of penises as well as sex shown in pornographic materials

It is understandable that there is a big fear of rejection. Further, it is high time we acknowledged the presence of social phobia when it came to penis size. It is also understandable that the presence of a lot of anxiety is likely to interfere with the dating process. If you are suffering from SPS, it is important to take the necessary precautions to overcome it.

First and foremost, ensure to measure yourself correctly and then look at the data personally. If your erect penis size is average- based on the accepted data- there is nothing to worry about. You have what it takes to satisfy a woman sexually sexually. Secondly, appreciate that while people can and do lie, the tape measure do. If you have done all this and still cannot get rid of the anxiety, you should consider seeing a doctor. There are men who have had to go through psychological counseling to overcome SPS.

Small penis syndrome can cause a man to suffer severe anxiety and depression. This means that he may need to use anti-depression medications, as well as psychological counseling, so as to establish the cause of the problem and then seek relevant solutions. Regardless of the cause of severe depression can pose a serious health risk both physically and mentally. At times, it can lead to suicide cases, and this explains why treatment should be sought as soon as possible.

Consult your local doctor first who will then refer you to a specialist if he or she deems it fit. Your perception of your penis size is imperative, and the sooner you find a solution, the better. Don't let small penis syndrome get in the way of your great dating and sexual experience.

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