5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used And Why They Worked Or Didn't Work

Ancient and Modern Method of Penis Enlargement

Using weights to increase the length of the penis has been used by people of different cultures, such as Indian Sadhus, Peruvian Cholomecs and several African tribes. This technique was used to increase the length of the penis up to 18 inches. However, this does not help in increasing the girth of the penis.

The weight used on the penis makes it look thin and long like spaghetti. Besides, this technique also damages the tissues of the penis, making it unusable. It is important for you to keep in mind that using weight on the penis works, but the results are not desirable. Hence, it is not recommended by most doctors.

Some cultures had a completely different idea about penis enlargement. They believed that consuming the penis of a castrated slave would help in increasing the size of their own penis. They not only consumed the penis, but also the testicles and the scrotum.

In the Brazilian culture, during the early 16th century, the Topinama would let poisonous snake bite their manhood. They believed that getting a snakebite your penis would help in enlarging its size. This particular pain would last for six months, but they would bear it in order to have a larger penis. It sounds painful, but for most men it was their culture, and the pain was a sacrifice to satisfy their women

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Information about jelquing and Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Jelquing is another ancient technique, which is used even today by men around the globe. It is extremely popular and is know by other names such as milking, stretching or messaging. It is also believed that this exercise had begun in the Middle East and it was widely used by the Arabic men in order to increase the size of their penis, around 20 inches.

The main reason for performing Jelquing is to increase the length as well as the girth. This is done by forcing large amount of blood to rush into the spongy tissue known as corpora cavernosa. However, we do not know whether this is true or not, but this process is still extremely popular.

Another ancient method, which has been used over the years, is the consumption of Chinese herbal medicine such as, ginseng and yohimbe. These herbs help in boosting the sexual excitement and at the same time helps in increasing the length as well as the girth of the penis. This technique is used in combination with jelquing and other similar penis enlargement exercise. This method of penis enlargement is widely used even today by men all over the world.

Today, men have a wider option of choosing ways for penis enlargement. They can choose to opt for penis enlargement surgery, enlargement pills or exercises, in order to increase the size of the penis. Even penis enlargement devices can help like extender, pumping and lots more. However, people still choose weight for penis enlargement or use poison, but it is completely unlikely that anyone is consuming penis in any culture any longer.

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