How Safe Is Penis Enlargement?

Is Penis Enlargement A Safe Process?

When we talk about penis enlargement, the two most frequently asked questions are:

  • Is penis enlargement a real thing?

  • Is penis enlargement safe?

Well, to answer the first questions, we can simply say that yes penis enlargement is a real thing and it does give measurable results. Now, as far as the second question is concerned, we cannot just answer it in short. After all, this is your penis that we are talking about. It is one of the most important organs of male anatomy and you need to be sure before you try anything at all. So, let us discuss a little in detail on how safe are penis enlargement products and methods.

First of all for starters one thing that we can say is every method or tool used for penis enlargement has its own positives and negatives. Also, every method works differently for different men. So, if you are actually considering undergoing an enlargement process, you may come across the following options. So, we shall discuss how safe each of these options is.

Penis enlargement exercises:

This is one of the oldest and most reliable methods of penis enlargement. Most penis enlargement exercises involve the use of hand to stimulate the whole penis from base to tip. The idea is to fill blood vessels and enhance blood flow in penis. Now, the main thing, if these exercises are done incorrectly, they can scar, disfigure or cause pain to your penis. If done systematically, you can potentially increase the length as well as the girth size.

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Penis pumps:

This can be considered as a quick fix. The results are temporary, but indeed significant. Penis pumps are generally used with extenders. If they are used too often or too much suction is applied on penis, there are chances that you might damage penile blood vessels.

Pills and Supplements:

You must be watching several late night TV ads, which advertise miraculous penis enlargement products. They claim that using these supplements give long term results and are totally risk free. However, since most of these products are not tested by FDA, it is better to be cautious than to be sorry. Make sure you go through the ingredients list carefully. Most of the ingredients are safe since they are used in day to day food products too, however being careful is vital.

Penile surgeries

If penis enlargement exercises, pumps and supplements are least risky, surgery can be considered as the most risky option. For sure, it is painful and seriously even if you have no way out, nothing justifies keeping yourself under a knife. Also, if anything by any chance goes wrong, there are chances that you might damage one of your favourite body organs forever.

Other treatment options:

Apart from the options mentioned above, there are penis extenders, penis enlargers, penis stretchers and penis traction tools. These all are considered as safe treatment options. They give permanent results and have proved to treat most of the penis dysfunctions.

It is quite clear now that every enlargement option is both safe and risky in its own way. However, the key is using any method or tool cautiously and systematically.

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