Family Worries Are the Familiar Threats to Your Libido

Families should be the supportive pillars of our everyday craziness, we are experiencing. However, that is not always the case. Instead of coming home to loving arms, we have to encounter another battle zone. It’s very exhausting way of living, when body can’t ‘shut down defense and it is operating in a stress mode all along. You can´t be running away all the time, so conflicts become inevitable part of your everyday life. Relationship cave in after some time, when honeymoon phase is over and real life is starting to take place. Not only good things can be present, but some of the personal misfits become obvious as well.

The vicious circle of relationship worries and sexual problems might engage. Going down that path is it hard to step out. Instead of resolving the conflicts, some things it would be better to leave behind the bedroom door and vice versa. Problems from everyday life become too stressful and have a devastating effect on someone’s sexual life. Once friends and lovers can soon turn into strangers who avoid each other or even worse, love is being sometimes replaced with other less favorable emotions. If problems aren´t solved constantly, when they appear nothing good awaits us. If we don´t take care of our emotions properly they will sooner or later start to wane.

Some of challenges that might have the biggest impact on relationship and consequently, on sex life if aren´t dealt with properly:

  • Financial problems; going through life and creating a new one with your partner demands financial support and somewhere along the way some money issues will most definitely occur. When that happens it´s quite a challenge, solving them properly. To master financial frustration demands a lot of skills as a human and as a partner in order relationship not to end with divorce
  • Cheating is another problem that might occur; a very crucial problem as well. Concerning a very fundamental essence of relationship – trust. Once trust is broken, nothing else is the same any more. Relationship changes and sometimes there is just no positive way out, when this happens.
  • Respect; when there is no respect among partners, outcome will never be good. Treating each other with respect should be the core of every relationship (spouse, children, and the rest of the family). Calling names and disrespect one another is not the way at all – a very slim chance of surviving as a couple
  • Children; in every relationship as a social norm and fruit of love couples decide to have children, however a child changes the way of life as you know it. If partner’s don´t cooperate one might soon feel redundant. Person who is deprived of love soon becomes depressed and conflicts appear again.

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  • Jealousy; friends of opposite sex might become problematic, if they are too much involved in your relationship, therefore some rules and bounders should be set.
  • Unsolved conflicts; may quickly turn into life-long resentments and again, if not solved properly they will only grow bigger till they become impossible to resolve. Talk about them and take care one at the time.
  • Not telling the truth; that is another segment of relationship that will never end well. Even little white lies ma burst into your face.
  • Being lazy; the problem and cause of many quarrels among partners. One might see differently things involving help and tidiness, but running a household is not only work for one person. However, work doesn´t only apply to an actual work. You can be lazy in relationship as well.
  • Being rude; in relationship there is no place for rudeness. Whatever problem occurs there is always a possibility of being nice, while looking for solution. Rudeness only brings hurt and even more conflicts. Stop being rude and learn to interact and talk about your problems.

The result of such difficult relationship can be manifested in a shape of sexual problems. Low sex drive and even no desire for physical intercourse might appear. A person can become numb and start to run away from partner, erectile dysfunction and inability to even perform an actual intercourse may appear.

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