Parkinson’s Disease - A Known Decrement Factor of Libido

Parkinson´s disease is one of present deadly illness. The cure for this disease hasn´t been found yet, nevertheless a lot can be done to ease the symptoms. Parkinson´s is a chronic, progressive movement disorder. It can´t be reversed, symptoms continue and get worse over time.

As already mentioned the cause has not yet been determined and there is no cure at the time. However, medication and several surgeries can help to ease the severity of the disease. Parkinson´s disease is actually a malfunction in the brain that causes death of brain cells-neurons. As certain neuron´s produce dopamine and its indirectly controls body coordination and movement, Parkinson´s actually disables control of person´s normal moving.

How Parkinson´s disease is recognized?

Parkinson´s disease has some very specific symptoms; however, they can be different from person to person:

  • Tremor or shaking
  • Changes in handwriting (smaller)
  • Loss of smell
  • Insomnia
  • Trouble moving or walking
  • Bowel difficulties
  • Changed voice (softer or lower voice)
  • Masked face
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Posture alteration

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All of these symptoms might be just transitory, if they last for a longer period of time, it´s might be a good time to pay a visit to your doctor.

Treatments for Parkinson´s disease

Parkinson´s treatments combine a wide range of different approaches; however make sure to discuss them over with your neurologist, when deciding which one of them is right for you. Not all of them are approved and might do you more harm than good.

The main treatments in order to control Parkinson´s are:

  • Oral medications (based on raising the dopamine level in the body, have side effects)
  • Neurosurgery (usually performed on younger people with no other illnesses)
  • Physical and supportive therapies (activity obligatory, exercises for speech,
  • Movement-coordination education)

Parkinson´s disease and men´s sexual life

Parkinson´s disease has a big effect on men´s sexual life. Patients might experience depression, relationship discomfort and severely decreased sexual desire. Sexual dysfunction is quite common even with younger patients. Most frequent dysfunctions found were erectile failure and premature ejaculation. Research shows that almost 50% of patient’s wasn´t able to maintain an erection and many male patients were unable ejaculate or achieve an orgasm.

As sexuality is one of the basic human rights that determine quality of your life, patients need to be advised and properly treated to improve their sexual life as-well. Healthy sex is a part of satisfaction and can be very beneficial and helpful to patient´s reactions to treatments.

Some of the male patients have also troubles with premature ejaculation, counseling therapy on the use specific techniques has proven to improve their life enormously.

One of the most important decisions in patients struggle with disease is the decision to include his partner. Another quite common problem with some male patients is inability to reach the orgasm or otherwise known as delayed ejaculation. Additional stimulation is usually very effective and sharing this kind of information with partner can be very beneficial as well. Talking to partner and sharing as much as possible will diminish tension, embarrassment and most definitely improve the relationship.

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