Never Go for Consuming Too Much Alcohol If You Want to Have Libido

The line between moderate drinking and excessive drinking is always quite thin and hard to notice. Life isn´t always easy and a dream come true, unfortunately that is the perfect time when one might start drinking in order to avoid or forget about reality. This is a very slippery and potentially dangerous ground for alcoholism to occur. Social drinking can quickly turn into alcoholism and from there on everything might get very ugly. Every day becomes the challenge and loss is present constantly.

Signs of excessive drinking:

  • Neglecting responsibilities (home, work, school).
  • Alcohol used in dangerous situations (driving, operating heavy machinery, medication)
  • Repeating legal problems (police).
  • Can´t stop, even if you know drinking creates problems (home, work)
  • Drinking to forget problems (opposite effect, while alcohol leads to aggression and arguing).

It is hard to notice the limit of your drink-intakes when it crosses the line and turns into being abusive.

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The first step toward healing is acknowledging the problem, only then treatment can begin.


  • Complete abstinence
  • Try to avoid alcohol as long as you
  • Moderation drinking (preferably complete abstinence)

Alcohol abuse is a very persistent addiction and therefore the best way to stop drinking is a complete abstinence.

Alcohol and male sex drive

Men have two major problems regarding sexual intercourse. First one is anxiety about performance and the other one is premature climaxing. Due to anxiety of sexual performance men tend to drink some alcohol in order to relax. Mind though, drink or two are no cause for alarm; however larger quantities of alcohol will achieve quite the opposite. Excessive drinking is bad for your libido, your erectile function and your climaxing function.

Too much alcohol is bad for good sex, because it reduces men´s sexual sensitivity and in time can cause a full blown impotency. Alcohol is also a depressant and can easily change mood downhill, lowers sexual desire and finally disables men´s performance of pretty much doing anything. Exaggeration with alcohol can actually cause erectile dysfunction.

For men who are eager to combine excessive drinking and sex, here are some reminders to think again before getting drunk:

  • Temporary erectile dysfunction (alcohol affects brain and penis; intoxication decreases the blood flow into your penis, reducing the level of arousal)
  • Long-term erectile dysfunction (the result of chronic excessive drinking); low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Destroyed relationships (alcohol is causing conflicts among partners, infidelity, financial insecurity, and breaking up) in addition, 90 percent of all sexual assaults involve alcohol consumption.
  • Combined drinking and smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day increase the risk of
  • Sexually transmitted diseases another life threatening risk, when mixing sex and alcohol due to unprotected sex.

In case of alcohol less is certainly more. A little alcohol can have relaxing effect and improves performance and good for your heart; however the right balance is of great importance.

Mixing sex and alcohol can lead to lack of sexual desire and poor sexual performance. Don´t let the alcohol get to you and your sex life.

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