Working for Long Hours Is not Good Enough for Your Libido

We are living in a world where material abundance, needed or not, often represents the highest priority. Today the only thing that utterly matters usually means money and material things, the money can buy. The majority of civilized world strives towards material self-realization. Money stands for power and influence. Power and influence can get you anywhere, even though along the way you lose yourself, your child within and ability to become a better person.

Jobs become priorities, working hours expand and before you know it, you realize there are strangers living beside you. Sooner or later long hours and stressful work start to take a toll on you as a person, your relationships and finally your health. Deterioration starts silently but certainly, your mind and body are operating in a strange, unknown way. Somewhere deep inside everybody knows and feels that something isn´t right and things aren´t developing as they supposed to be.

So, why do men work long hours, what are the main reasons?

Long hour’s culture is one of the unhealthiest environments to work in. Your performance at work is being judged by the hours of work. When do you come in and when do you leave? How much is done in the meantime is actually beside the point. Better to look as you are very busy and drag working day as long as possible as doing your work efficiently and go home as soon as you are finished.

Too much work; if work is piling up from all sides there are no way you will be able to do all of it. As long as others determine your line of work, there is a great chance you will have to do extra hours.

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The boss; bosses can be problem as well. Whether they are severely disorganized or sometimes just plane mean, in both cases that usually means extra work and extra hours.

If others manage your time ineffectively that’s one thing, quite another problem is, when you can´t managing your own time effectively. Poor assessment of work and time needed to do the work. In this case others need to be asked for help how to improve in delegating your own time at work.

Workaholics are the most neurotic of them all. Nothing is ever good enough, no matter how much work has been done. Or on the other hand, someone might just avoid somebody else at home. Long hours definitely affect personal life enormously.

Working long hours and personal life:

As men are usually the breadwinners of the family, they tend to work long hours constantly. Coming home late in the evening exhausted is something quite usual and somewhat expected of them. However, hard-work and very little time to relax soon start to affect relationships and sexual life as well.

Here are some of sexual difficulties that might emerge due to working late:

  • Less time for sex as you come home very late
  • Devastating tiredness destroys all interest
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Mind won`t is able to stop working
  • Problems with erection

This kind of tempo is usually very stressful and as we know very well, stress causes low sex drive and no desire for physical interaction among men. They are very likely to become numb and unavailable to their partners. Anger and disappointment in the relationship will start to show very soon.

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