Cutting To The Chase: The Top 5 Myths About Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are becoming extremely popular among men who wish to enlarge their penises. However, with this popularity comes various myths that surround its use as well as what it can deliver. Let's face it; the process of buying penis enlargement products isn't something you discuss openly with family members, friends or colleagues at work. It still sounds like a taboo. Not to worry; before you rush and purchase, or before you begin using what you have already bought, let us debunk the top five myths surrounding penis extenders.

  1. Penis enlargement devices such as extender are painful to use

Penis extenders require the application of gentle yet consistent pressure. This makes them a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning. It's true that the earlier versions of penis extenders lack comfort. However, the newer models are designed with the comfort of the user in mind. It can be worn overnight and even during the day, under the clothes. Penis extenders are only painful if misused. Should you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

  1. Penis extenders do not work

Let no one lie to you- penis extenders are effective in elongating the penis, increasing the penis girth and ensuring stronger erections. Individuals who set too high expectations from the extender are eventually bound to be disappointed. In other instances, people buy extenders from unscrupulous companies who promise results that are simply out of this world. Numerous clinical studies have been done which prove that penis extenders are indeed safe and efficient.

  1. Expensive penis extenders are the best

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This is really not true. Unfortunately, this is a common perception portrayed in the purchase behavior of many people. Individuals associate expensive items and products as the most reliable and effective. Don't be mistaken though; I don't mean to discredit any expensive penis extenders. Instead, I wish to bring to your attention that you can also find inexpensive, yet effective penis extenders in the market. Do your homework well with respect to the credibility of several companies and the effectiveness of the extenders they offer. You don't have to postpone your pursuit for more penis inches due to financial limitations.

  1. Penis size increase happens overnight

When the deal is too good, think twice. Penis extenders don't make your penis increase in size overnight- this is one of the greatest false claims that you will ever hear. You must be willing to dedicate your time, exercise discipline and be patient to see the results you desperately yearn for. On average, it will take your six months of dedication to witness penis gains.

  1. Penis extenders are dangerous

The truth is someone who makes such a claim must have used a poor quality extender- or confuses it with pumps. High-quality extenders are completely safe as long as the instructions provided by the manufacturer are followed to the latter. If used correctly, penis extenders neither damages penis tissues or veins as some people seem to claim.

I hope this helps to clear some of the questions and doubts that you have about penis extenders.

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