Be Aware of Sexual Orientation Conflict or Confusion to Save Your Libido

Human kind has been dealing with the problem of sexual orientation conflict forever. This dilemma has been tearing apart the society all over the world for ages. There are two sides; the human side is those who support other human being and the other side are the ones imposing their will on others. Therefore, all of this gives us a pretty good idea how men who are confused about their sexual orientation get confused even more. The fact is, as long as nobody is hurting anybody, leave them alone and let them be what they want to be.

A person´s sexual orientation impulse determines, whether this person is going to be attracted to:

  • A person of the same sex – homosexual orientation
  • A person of the opposite sex -heterosexual orientation
  • Both sexes – bisexual orientation

What makes conflicted sexual orientation?

We can only imagine how can somebody, who is confused in their sexual orientation be feeling. What is he thinking? Is he angry? What makes him afraid?

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Premature sexual exposure can be the cause of sexual confusion later on in life as well, while younger person doesn´t know or want to admit his true sexual orientation.

Here are some general obstacles that might appear before acknowledging his true sexual identity:

  • Reactions of other people
  • Stereotypes
  • Religious teachings – usually anti-gay
  • Heterosexual benefits lost forever

There are several illusions present about sexual orientation that might even more confuse the person who is conflicted in his sexual orientation:

  • A person can only be straight or gay-there are just these two categories possible
  • Bisexuals are actually gay in denial
  • A person who has bisexual sexual orientation is evenly attracted to both sides
  • People should have harmonious emotional and physical attraction
  • Person´s sexual orientation is conditioned by its gender
  • Sexual orientation is fixed and can´t be changed during person´s lifetime
  • Gay sexual orientation can be changed to straight, if the person decides in that manner.

Above mentioned are some illusions that might stand as correct and are defined as common knowledge. However, that doesn´t mean they are true. Actually they are more likely myths than hard, life facts. Another fact that should be considered is the distinction between sexual orientation and sexual behavior; these are two entirely different matters.

Male’s sexual difficulties due to sexual orientation conflict or confusion

Sexual orientation conflict and confusion that comes with it is quite often the result of some kind of sexual abuse experienced earlier in life.

Here are some of the difficulties that can occur, when a person is confused about his sexual orientation:

  • Desperate random sex to prove his heterosexuality
  • Low sex drive – tendency to avoid sexual intercourse
  • Sex and relationship doesn´t go well together (fear that sex might ruin emotional connection)
  • Erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation
  • Due to low self-esteem; sexual satisfaction for only one party involved
  • Various compulsive behaviors, just to feel normal

Healthy sexual life is a person´s basic right and therefore all possible measurements to overcome sexual orientation conflicts should be taken, including offered help to avoid the state of psychological disorder.

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