A Desire to Control or Punish Spouse Lessens Your Strength and Libido

A spouse may be using sexual intercourse as a stimulant in order to get wanted reactions, or on the other hand sexual refusal to punish disobedience. If the one in control doesn´t want to proceed with intercourse everything might stop immediately. Let the aggressor have a complete control over the spouse. A person might control or punish the partner mentally, physical force isn´t needed at all to overcome a spouse. However, emotional control can be even more destructive. Manipulation is a very widely used form of controlling or even punishing the partner. Unfortunately it affects massively every individual who commits to doing this.

What is manipulation?

In dictionary we can find the definition of manipulation as follows: ˝ controlling someone or something to your own advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly. ˝

In relationship this kind of attitude could cause a lot of pain and even sexual dysfunction, low libido and diminished desire for physical intercourse. Every human being has its own needs, wishes and desires, when this basic right is taken away, submissiveness is achieved. A person starts to deteriorate and stress with irritation and aggressiveness might appear.

How can someone deal with abusive relationship/person?

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First of all, the focus needs to be moved from abuser to the person being manipulated. By taking away the leverage of control both parties may become equal.

Soon after this happens you will be able to evaluate the relationship from another perspective and decide, whether it should be continued or not.

And finally some very firm techniques have to be included to gain your life back. In order to obtain a healthier relationship, you need to change some of your habits. Like your automatic compliance, stand up to guilt, fear and doubt. Talk about controlling issues directly and set some boundaries.

The person who can change your life the most is you. Nobody else won´t fix the problems for you. Being in controlling relationship is your choice alone, and there is always a way out, you just need to choose it. It´s quite a surprise how other people begin to treat you, when you decide to stand up for yourself?

Effect of manipulation on male´s libido

As any other unhealthy conduct of behavior, manipulation as well creates tension and relationship full of stress. Overwhelming desire to control or punish the spouse, when he is not obedient may cause some severe emotions of anxiety and irritation in the relationship. It is only a question of time, when one will stop avoiding and choose the other respond, triggered by stress.

Defensive acts of erectile disorder, low sexual desire, premature ejaculation or even inability to climax will most probably turn into a fight mode. When this turnover realizes new set of rules and additional boundaries will be set, while unhealthy tendency to control the spouse never ends well. One of the partners will most definitely come out as a looser. Which is by all means not acceptable in relationship, meeting in half way is usually the best solution possible to a problem.

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