Suboptimal Amounts of Testosterone in the Body Causes Low Libido

One of many differences between male and female gender are also hormones. Two of the most important hormones are estrogen as a female´s hormone and testosterone as male´s hormone.

Testosterone is the main hormone, when we are talking about the development of male reproductive organs and, indication whether the sex drive of a men is high or low, sperm production, strength of muscles and also the quality of bone mass.

When the level of testosterone is where it should be, it protects the body against bone irregularities, like osteoporosis and enables a healthy metabolism as well. Testosterone is also a natural boost in providing men health, happiness and wellbeing. Men should be aware that maintaining the right level of testosterone is of great importance.

However, the problem arises, when the level of mentioned hormone isn´t sufficient enough. In this case we are referring to this disorder as suboptimal amount of testosterone. Men don´t feel as men anymore and it could get very confusing for everyone involved men and women.

Here are some general causes that have great effect on men´s wellbeing and decrease the level of testosterone as well:

  • Body construction (body fat diminishes hormones function and lowers its level)
  • Irregular nutrition (animal protein and some healthy fat needs to be included, low fat diet or vegetarian food might cause lower presence of testosterone in the body)
  • Excessive drinking (while glass or two of red wine actually have a very positive effect on men´s body and increase the level of testosterone, excessive drinking causes completely opposite effect.)
  • Lack of exercise (workout is obligatory, especially after the age of 40, while testosterone starts decreasing naturally)
  • Stress (stress level should be under control in order to maintain healthy level of testosterone)
  • Lack of sleep (don´t compromise your sleep time, cause that´s the time when body produces hormones)

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If suboptimal amount of testosterone in the body is the problem, what is the solution?

Obviously there is no over-night, magical answer to this question. As time and bad habits manifest into a problem through a longer period of time, the solution to fix this problem needs some time as well. However, there are a lot of possibilities how to solve this problem. It is reachable to everyone who wants to put some effort in solving it.

Here are some of the possibilities, which might help:

  • Get your tests done in order to determine the level of testosterone (the labs should be done soon enough, preferably in your 30´s)
  • Eat healthy food that includes animal-based proteins and beneficial fat
  • No calorie restriction for a longer period of time
  • Exercise (one of the best workouts to build your testosterone level is a resistance training)
  • Limit alcohol input (if you must, drink red wine)
  • Get enough uncompromised sleep
  • Control your stress level

It would be wise to make some adjustments in your life and try to eliminate mentioned causes at their source, if you want to maintain normal level of testosterone. In order to maintain healthy libido men should take care of their testosterone level. This kind of decision wouldn´t just help to improve your health, but it would be beneficial to your sex drive as well.

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