A way to Have Power over Spouse Results in Negative Frequency of Libido

Manipulation has been part of humanity from the very beginning. People have primal tendency to be better than others, however in the last couple of centuries, the hero syndrome has reached its peak. With power comes influence and good influence will bring you everywhere. Unfortunately, not all of us are made of hero material and therefore other paths are chosen in order to obtain the control. Drive to be in control can be present at work or in the relationship.

A lot of people use manipulation as a solution to their desire of being in control. Manipulation and influence are not the same; they are based on opposite grounds. The first one is established by the person itself and the other one on the expense of others based on personal inadequacy. Why change yourself, if you can force or trick others to change the way you want it?

How can someone gain control over partner?

There is a big difference between healthy relationship and abusive one that borders on obsession. Romantic love is often just a cover front for some seriously unhealthy and manipulative relationships. Here are some signs:

  • Every time you spend time with other people (friends or family), you end up feeling guilty.
  • Criticizing a lot of little things, you do on a daily basis.
  • Trust issues (due to their own uncertainty, you are not trusted).
  • Protection somehow becomes very important, especially their protection of you.
  • Finally, the most dangerous of them all, you are forced to question your mental health and sanity due to abusive relationship.

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If you are experiencing this kind of relationship it´s most definitely not love. This is how control looks like and you need take care of it as soon as possible.

How control in relationship affects male libido?

As men´s nature is being in control and leading the situation, it goes without saying that becoming the one who is manipulated may cause him a lot of problems. Some serious disorders and dysfunctions may appear. Coming home to a manipulative relationship for man is probably one of the worst nightmares possible.

Instead of loving and nurturing welcome there is a manipulative monster, just waiting for him to do something wrong. This kind of situation sets the man´s body in to the defense mode, which is known response to stress. Constant reaction to stress may lead to serious sexual dysfunctions, such as inability to perform an erection, delayed ejaculation or even no sex drive at all. Quite a devastate way of living your life.

Men can become numb and show no physical interest in their partner at all. Easy irritation and aggressiveness may appear outside the home. The worst problem with female abusers is, no man wants to admit himself what is going on and society doesn´t take them seriously as well. As men aren´t allowed being victims, unfortunately little help is offered. Man simple isn´t man anymore and that may lead to a very disastrous ending.

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