Diabetes- A Proven Shortcoming against Male’s Sex-drive

What is diabetes?

Diabetes has been already mentioned more than two thousand years ago by a Greek physician Aretaeus. Distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 began in the 20th Century.

Type 1; insulin dependent –severe lack of insulin and

Type 2; body doesn´t respond to signals, sent by insulin.

In 1921 insulin was discovered and ready to use in as a treatment in 1922.

Diabetes is connected to hormone insulin, which helps delivering energy in the body-cells taking the form of Sugar-glucose. This disease affects body´s ability to produce or consume insulin.

If body, produces small amount of insulin or no insulin at all, level of sugar staying in the blood is too high. Body can even be insulin resistant, causing the same result as previously mentioned.

There are two main types of diabetes:

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  • Type one is the consequence of malfunction in the pancreas; it doesn´t produce the insulin. It is often called juvenile diabetes, while usually affects teens and children. Research shows 5% to 10% of all affected patients have Type 1 diabetes.

  • Type two is more common (90-95% of all affected) and it is also known as a disease of modern technology. In this case body produces insufficient amount of insulin and the cells are unable to use it. This process is called insulin resistance. Type 2 usually affects adults and it is generally diagnosed after the age of 45, however this age limit is consistently lowering. Every year more and more younger people have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. That is why is also called the disease of modern technology (obesity), while more calories are digested than ever before and almost no or very little physical actions are included in everyday life.

    The direct cause of diabetes hasn´t been yet determined, however a big part in developing

    Type 2 contributes our way of living. Excessive eating leading to obesity, not enough workout, genetics and work behind desk are very likely ticket to diabetes in near future. In time, diabetes affects kidneys, blood vessels, eyes and also arteries.

    Diabetes symptoms:

  • Uncontrolled, extreme thirst
  • Constant need to urinate
  • Vision changes and becomes blurred
  • Intense hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Sudden weight loss

Every chronic disease has a major impact to patient´s mental state and diabetes is no different.

There is a high level of sexual dysfunction among diabetes patients, which is causing major depression and anxiety and lack of sexual drive.

During the disease impotence may come and go, as the sexual dysfunction advances slowly but gradually. At first it might appear as an erection, less firm than before and later as shorter duration and less firm.

Progress of sexual dysfunction can be delayed with treatment, but unfortunately it can´t be reversed. During diabetes actual tissue damage appears which is irreversible. That is why early discovery of the disease is so important.

In order to avoid this challenging disease a lot can be done to prevent it. Healthier life style and occasional visit at the doctor´s would be a considerable help. Some advice and proper actions can be made, before diabetes takes over your life.

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