Do Penis Enlargement Devices / Extenders Really Work?

With so many penis enlargement products in the market, it's not unusual for men to wonder whether their preferred products actually work. Penis enlargement devices are among the most commonly preferred techniques today. There are some people who claim that these devices don't actually work. On the other hand, some men who swear by what they consider most sacred that they really do work. Why such varying opinions?

There are various reasons why different men have varying opinions of the effectiveness of penis enlargement devices such as extenders. For starters, it's possible that men who curse the ineffectiveness of these methods used poor quality products. For this reason, it was impossible for them to realise any penis size increases. Secondly, it's possible that the users didn't follow the instructions provided religiously. Thirdly, it could be that they bought high quality devices but weren't persistent due to lack of discipline.

What I am trying to say is; penis enlargement devices actually do work. However, the user must observe the following:

  1. You must purchase high quality penis enlargement products (usually from reputable sellers)

  2. You must follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer religiously

  3. You must show commitment and persistence in the usage of your preferred high quality penis enlargement device

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Unless the above three aspects are observed, penis enlargement device may not deliver desirable results. There are scientific and clinical studies that have revealed how effective penis enlargement devices are. For instance, a study conducted by Italian scientists (Marco Ordera and Paolo Gontero) at the University of Turin made various observations. These findings were published in the British Association of Urological Surgeons Journal. According to the results of the research, the traction techniques are usually the most effective in elongating the penis.

The duo studied the literature of penis enlargement devices and their usage. In one of the studies, the use of traction devices reported an increase of 1.8 centimetres on average – in a flaccid penis. A different study reported the male member measured an additional 2.3 centimetres and 1.7 centimetres on average – in flaccid and erect state respectively. For the research participants to witness the extra inches, they had to faithfully observe an arduous regime. For the first study, they were involved in six hours of traction everyday for four consecutive months. On the second study, the participants followed the same regime for six months. This means that, the longer a traction device is used, the lengthier the penis becomes.

The traction devices cause micro-tears on the penis tissues. They are also designed in a manner that makes them increase the flow of blood to the penis. The body is designed to repair its torn tissues with the help of enough supply of blood and oxygen. When the torn tissues are repaired, penis size gains are obtained. This is typically the mechanism behind penis size increase using male enhancement devices.

The safety of penis enlargement devices is usually dependent on a number of factors namely:

  1. The type of device chosen

  2. The quality of equipment purchased and

  3. The ability or inability of the user to use it as instructed

Specifically, penis extenders are considered the most efficient in terms of penis length increase. They are also considered safe, as long as you are able to source high quality products and follow the guidelines accordingly. Besides, compared to other methods of male enhancement, traction device are far much safer.

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