How Do I Use A Penis Extender?

Among the very first things you should do before using an extender, is to check if or not you have a pronounced frenulum. Whether you are circumcised or not, it's possible you have a substantial one. This is the membrane connecting the base of the glans to the foreskin. In many instances, a penile circumcision eliminates it.

The frenulum can be extremely sensitive for some men. For this reason, a gauze or piece of cloth is worn to protect it from the hard surface of the cradle of the extender. The gauze that sticks to itself is more preferable because it stays intact once applied. Use a strip measuring between 6 and 8 inches to achieve two full revolutions around the penis slightly below the glans.

After this is done, there are four other steps followed to ensure proper use of the penis extender.

  1. Ensure to fasten one side of the side to the cradle. This is done to make sure that the strap stays intact when the extender is being applied to the penis. The most preferable approach is to leave the strap unattached the on the extender's side corresponding to your dominant hand. Therefore, if you are right-handed, the right side of the strap should be left unattached.

  2. The next thing you should do is hold the penis slightly below the glans. Using your non-dominant hand, pull the penis glans towards the extender's cradle. Still in that position, slide the strap up as well as over the cock behind the glans- where you feel comfortable. For added comfort, you may opt for some extra slack skin above the strap's grip point. This also goes a long way in offering more protection to the glans and the frenulum.

  3. The strap should then be put through the opening on its side of the cradle. Ensure to secure it tightly. All this while, the penis must be held in place using the other hand. The next thing entails securing the other side of the strap using the dominant hand. Ensure to maintain sufficient tension on your member for it to stay in place and also to prevent the glans from slipping out of the strap's grip.

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  4. The last step entails re-tightening the strap about two to three more times on both sides. This is done to guarantee a tight fit for the glans not to slip out from the strap. Additionally, care must be taken not to pull the strap excessively tight to prevent the shaft skin from being pulled through the strap opening. If this begins to happen, you will experience tremendous pain.

Typically, these are the universal steps that you need to follow to ensure proper use of the penis extender. Of course, there are safety tips that will help you prevent injuries, and most importantly, they will ensure optimal results.

Important Safety tips

  1. Select a strap that is comfortable for you to prevent pain when wearing the extender

  2. The straps should be loose and yet tight to prevent your penis from sliding out. You might experience some discomfort from the tension created by the rods, but it shouldn't be too much.

  3. If you must wear pants, spot some loose fitting ones

  4. In the beginning, don't wear the device for more than four hours. After you are used to it, you may wear it for up to six hours

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