Shipping alternatives mean extra discretion

Men who buy penis pills may not feel comfortable having the packages shipped to their homes if they buy online or through a mail order company. There is always the chance that a spouse or child will open the package inadvertently.

There is always the chance that a nosy neighbor may be asked to sign for it if there's no one home at your house, and then everyone knows what you've bought.

You've nothing to be ashamed of, but that doesn't mean the whole town needs to know either. That shouldn't be a deterrent to getting penis pills through.

Most companies assure their customers that packages are shipped discreetly and label-free, however some men might still be apprehensive. A little extra peace of mind would go a long way to making you feel more comfortable with your decision. So consider getting a post office box or finding an alternate shipping address.

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While it may take a little extra effort to get your delivery, the extra level of privacy it affords you can be worth it.

Post office box

An alternative to having your penis pills shipped to your home is to rent a post office box. Renting a post office box is very easy and a quick process. The rates are reasonable and you can get different sized boxes depending on your needs.

Renting a post office box to receive deliveries like penis pills can mean an extra layer of privacy between your purchases and your home address. Only one key is issued, and if you keep it, then no one can pick up your delivery of penis pills but you.

Box rentals are usually for six months or so at a time, so it's a flexible option that you can end easily if your needs change.

Alternate shipping address

If home isn't a good place to have your penis pills shipped, then perhaps you can think of a friend or relative who might be willing to accept packages for you. For example, if your elderly parents wouldn't mind and they're home to sign for packages, ask if you can have your package delivered there; you don't need to tell them that you're buying penis pills.

If you have your own business, you can also have that address as your alternate delivery address for penis pills. So much the better if you can combine the two and use your business post office box for your deliveries. If you are interested in buying penis pills but are especially concerned with privacy, rest easy, you do have options.

The most convenient ones are renting a post office box and finding an alternate shipping address, business or otherwise. The fact remains that the penis pills box should ship without any indication of the contents inside, however just knowing that there's that extra layer of distance between your home and your deliveries can give you a lot of piece of mind.

Without that peace of mind, you'll always feel anxious about your decision and feel like your going to get "caught" even though you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Make use of technology

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