Penis Enlargement Devices / Extenders

Penis enlargement extenders are among the various enlargement devices used in modern days. They are preferred for the many advantages they offer such as penis shaft lengthening, harder erections as well as increased penis girth. Nevertheless, you must be willing to be disciplined, persistence and committed to your penis enlargement goal to get desirable results. Below, we look at the mechanism behind penis extenders and how safe and efficient they are.

The mechanism behind penis extenders

These penis enlargement devices use a very simple principle to enlarge a penis. A penis extender applies low levels of tension – usually range between 1.2 and 2.5 kilograms – on the penile shaft. This in turn encourages two physiological processes that are entirely independent. Both of these processes stimulate the permanent growth of the penis. The two processes include:

  1. Stretching the penile ligaments

  2. Cell multiplication

Stretching of the penile ligaments

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For starters, the penis extenders assist in stretching the ligaments found at the bottom of the shaft. This enlargement process is considered very critical since it helps to stretch the portion of the penile shaft (4-6 inches) that hides inside the man's body. Have you ever wondered what they do in the penis enlargement surgery room? One of the things that happen is the cutting of these ligaments. Well, penis extenders offer a gradual process of stretching your penis so that the hidden part becomes more visible.

Cell multiplication

The consistent stretching of the penis encourages another physiological process commonly known as hyperplasia. It entails multiplication of tissue cells in response to the physical stress. The process occurs as the tissue tries to compensate for the additional external pressure it is placed under. Resistance training applies a similar approach to increase muscle mass. However, hyperplasia isn't only limited to the growth of the muscles. All types of tissues have an equal susceptibility to hyperplasia – including the bone. This makes it a lot easier for the penis to extend because it doesn't contain bone. Typically, this is the mechanism behind penis enlargement using extenders.

Are they safe and effective?

There have been various studies across the globe that has sought to determine the effectiveness of penis extenders in enlarging the man's penis size from about 10 to 36%. The most notable research study was conducted in Italy and the findings were published in March 2009 in the British Journal of Urology. The study participants average a 32% increase in flaccid penis and 36% increase in the erect penis. They wore the penis extenders four hours daily for six consecutive months.

In general, penis extenders are considered safe as long as the user strictly observes the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Failure to do so may lead to an injury especially when the user initiates excessive traction. Such an action can lead to penis bruising and consequently, too much pain. Additionally, it is advisable that men source high-quality penis extenders that are made of premium of materials- they don't irritate your skin or break when they are being used. I also advise potential users to look for a penis extender that is both guaranteed and warranted by the manufacturer. All this aspects will provide you the assurance that the product is safe and efficient.

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