Penis Enhancement Pill Ingredients

As any product would only be good as its ingredients, here is a low down on what makes penis enhancement pills tick and so popular.

Most penis enhancement pills have an assortment of herbs that have traditional value and are of ancient wisdom. They contain herbs that were used in earlier cultures for male sexual health from time and again.

The major common ingredients are Tribulus terrestris, Epimedium Sagittatum, Ginseng, Saw palmetto, hawthorn berry, ginkgo biloba and cayinne. Roots like catuaba and maca root, cuscutae seed, Oat straw; muira puama, mucuna pruriens, L-arginine and zinc are other important contents.

Many herbs that contain nitric oxide and protodioscin are popular too. Certain herbs also contain molecules of L-dopa that is scientifically endorsed to influence pathways involved in sexual behavior and appetite in men.

They seem to invoke indulgence in pleasurable activities. There are a few trademarked ingredients like drlizen and solidilin. These in turn exert and bring about the desired mechanics of the body in place for greater pleasure.

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Drilizen and solidilin are completely natural; drilizen increases the natural release of nitric oxide in the human body. The released nitric oxide results in vasodilatation (increases blood supply) resulting in larger and fuller erections. Nitric oxide further relaxes the smooth muscles, causing richer blood supply to the spongy tissues of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa.

It is drilizen that contains the functional ingredient protodioscin that regulates the production of testosterone indirectly, through a precursor hormone. Solidin as a compound has a major effect on the desire and motivation for sex. It works on the psychological verticals of sex with dramatic effects on the quality and pleasure of sex.

Dopamine as a neurotransmitter is known to be active in pleasure-oriented activities like sex, indulging in delicious food and so on. L-dopa, which is the precursor of dopamine, is found in Solidilin. Reishi mushrooms and musli have an additive effect to the desire component of sex induced by soldilin.

Other ingredients like taj and mormodica accentuate the effects of drilizen and work on the physical essentials of sex. Muira puama is known to relieve impotence while oat straw improves circulatory function and blood circulation. Zinc is considered essential for men who have prostrate issues. Ginseng is known to act against premature ejaculation.

Cuscutae seed is known to benefit many other organs like liver, kidney and genitals too. Epimedium Sagittatum increases hormone secretions improving sex drive. Mucuna Prirens enhances muscle building with its interference in protein utilization and deposition.

L-arginine is said to improve the function of the pituitary gland, bringing about greater blood supply and it also improves circulatory function by lowering cholesterol and plaque deposition.

All of the above ingredients are safe to consume other than for rare individuals with a history of allergy towards herbs. They are generally prescribed as tablets twice a day to those sensitive to them orally. Others can go for a transdermal patch for penis enhancement. They are non-prescription and do not require consultation with a physician for use in healthy men.

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