The Five Most Common Penis Extender Mistakes

Men have a huge variety of penis extenders to choose from in the market today. Perhaps the most important thing to do is to ensure that you invest in a good quality extender and one that is right to your particular needs. Even though there are different types of extenders from varying manufacturers, they pretty much work in the same way. To a large extent, all of them are based on a universal set of guidelines.

There might be some difference in their usage depending on the level of complexity of each device, but they are the same, in reality. Below are five of the most common mistakes you should avoid when using penis extenders:

  1. Skipping warm-ups: it is important for the skin and penis tissues to be very pliable. This will help you in two ways: produce the best results and also reduce growing pains linked to any kind of male enhancement. You may use a warm wash cloth, steam bath or massage techniques that can positively impact your penis enlargement experience. When the session is over, it is advisable to undergo a cool down routine. This is similar to what happens when someone is working out. It's paramount for promoting the best results because skin elasticity is maintained. What's more, doing so prevents tissue injury.

  2. Overusing the penis extender: men have a tendency of overusing the penis extenders. They do so in the hope of making their members harder, longer and more erect as fast as possible. Well, if you think you can get results overnight, you are mistaken. It will take several months before you can begin seeing the effectiveness of the device. A good number of men failed to face this reality and ended up using the device nearly every hour every day. Apart from this being inappropriate, you will hurt your penis. Too much tension on the penis will make it sore and red.

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  3. Incorrect usage of the extender: the excitement of using a male enhancement product might overwhelm you so much so that you forget to read instructions. Don't skip this important step of penis enlargement. The fact that you have seen someone else use it doesn't mean that you follow similar guidelines. It is mandatory for you to read the instructions and know them by heart. Apart from watching the video that comes with the device, reading the instructions provides greater assurance.

  4. Poor maintenance of the extender: don't enjoy using the extender to the extent that you forget to clean it. The fact that they are used on one of the most sensitive parts of your body is enough reason to remove accumulated dirt to avoid possible harm. In that regard, clean your extender regularly to facilitate safe usage.

  5. Purchasing the wrong device: as a matter of fact, this should have been the first mistake on the list. The right penis extenders melt down to a person's preference. However, there is a difference as far as quality is concerned. An extender whose material is poor will corrode, rust or even break within a short time of usage. You may be required to replace it with a new one. However, this isn't the worst part. At its worst, the user will suffer severe side effects which could cause bursting of the blood vessels, dead tissues and even partial amputation. Avoid unreasonably cheap extenders and the ones that use loops instead of a strap.

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