What Types Of Penis Enlargement Devices Are There?

A good number of men wish they had a bigger penis. What's more, some of these men go to the extent of pursuing male enhancement for varying reasons. Perhaps the most important reason for men desiring larger male members is to improve their sexual appeal among current or prospective partners. When it comes to penis enlargement, individuals may choose from a range of penis enlargement techniques. They include surgery, pills and creams, penis exercise and penis enlargement devices. Today, I want us to focus our attention on the different types of penis enlargement devices available on the market today. This will come extremely in handy if you are planning to use one of the devices to gain one or more inches.

Penis enlargement devices are mostly categorised into the following:

  1. Weights – utilise gravity to ensure stretching

  2. Extenders – they are used to mechanically stretch the male member

  3. Pumps- they usually use a vacuum to facilitate expansion of the tissue and also to force the flow of blood into the penis tissues.

The three categories of male enhancement are explained separately below:

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  1. Hangers and weights

They are also referred to as traction devices. It is important to understand one crucial thing though. The device itself doesn't create traction through its expansion, the traction occurs as a result of the weights that hang from the penis and the resulting gravity. A penis becomes larger with the similar physiological process as the penis extenders. The longer you hang weights from your penis, the more inches you gain.

  1. Vacuum devices/ Penis pumps

Penis pumps are among the most popular penis enlargement devices. Typically, a tube is placed over the cock and then the air is pumped out through which a vacuum is created. The vacuum then draws blood into the dick, making it swell. These devices are at times used in the temporary treatment of impotence- penis pumps are used alongside with cock rings to solve erectile dysfunction problems. Unfortunately, a penis pump can cause penis tissue damage and subsequently weaker erections when overused. There isn't enough evidence that vacuum devices usually result in any significant long-term penis gain. According to experts, the mere use of a penis pump a few minutes in a day doesn't do anything to increase the penile size.

  1. Penis extenders

Penis extenders are simply traction devices. A small extending frame (traction) is placed on a flaccid penis so as to stretch it. You will find a variety of designs on the market. However, there is nothing to worry about since the principle behind each of them is just the same. Penis extenders are designed to place growing tension on the shaft of the penis. The objective is to create micro-tears in the penis cells. Typically, the body performs tissue restoration automatically. When the micro-tears are repaired, the penis becomes longer. The appearance of these devices has the potential to scare a lot of men-don't allow that to happen. How do you determine the best device? Well, it should fit comfortably, and most importantly, it should be something you can wear under your clothes and go on with your normal life-like going to work and so on.

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