5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Penis Extender

Different people prefer to use varying methods of penis enlargement. This is for a good reason- it depends on the particular needs of an individual. Flexibility, ease of use, comfort and effectiveness are among the most commonly looked for features in PE products. The good news is that; there are a bunch of PE products available in the market today- penis extender is one of them. Do you plan to use penis extenders? Do you have sufficient knowledge about the same? Well, whatever your answer is, here are five things that you probably didn't know about penis extenders.

  1. Penis extenders do more than enlarging the penis. A lot of people tend to believe that extenders are only used for enlarging the male member. If you are one of them, you are entirely mistaken. In many instances, this penis device is used to help enlarge the dick. However, it is also used to pursue other forms of male enhancement. For example, a good number of men have used extenders to attain harder and lasting erections. In the modern world, issues of erectile dysfunction are common, perhaps due to the many pressures presented by the different aspects of life. In that case, if you have erection problems, penis extenders can significantly help you.

  2. Penis extenders aren't exactly a modern discovery. Apparently, penis devices have been in existence for the longest time. The very first device- a vacuum pump was commercially advertised in 1917. As you can see, it goes way back. Besides, the scientific principles pertaining to the operation of the traditional traction devices is the same one being used today.

  3. Penis extenders should be worn on a daily basis. For optimal results to be achieved, it is advisable that men wear extenders several hours, every other day. According to the experts, extenders should be worn between four to seven hours. However, these hours shouldn't be exceeded. Remember, improper or excessive use of penis extenders isn't safe for your cock.

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  4. There are different brands and types of penis extenders. A quick scan of the internet will reveal different names that represent varying brands and styles of penis extenders. They also differ in size as well as colour. Irrespective, the majority of designs are similar and usually have two primary elements; bars/rods and two fastening points. In that case, you needn't get confused or overwhelmed by the numerous extenders available in the market.

  5. Some extenders are actually better than others. Did you really think that all devices deliver similar results? Well, some extenders are incredibly more efficient than others. This explains why you must conduct sufficient background search to determine the best extender for you. They also differ in terms of material used, quality as well as the comfort they offer the user.

Nevertheless, all the penis extenders operate in the same way- I am talking about the scientific principle behind its operation. All of them work by stretching the penile tissues which results in micro tears of the same. The increased blood flow to the penis helps to repair and restore the torn tissues (blood carries oxygen and nutrients). In turn, you witness visible penis gains in a couple of months.

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