Why Nitric Oxide Plays An Important Role In Male Enhancement?

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that approximately 30 million American men suffer from problems of erectile dysfunction at any given point. Out of these 30 million, one in four men are below the age of 40 years. From this statistics, you can tell that erectile dysfunction is more common than anyone can imagine. Thankfully, it is a treatable condition and hence, nothing much to worry about. There are more than enough male enhancement products for treating erectile dysfunction.

If you have already started shopping for the right product, you must have realized that nitric oxide is a common ingredient. So, we seek to find out why nitric oxide is such an important ingredient in the male enhancement products used for the treatment of ED.

We must begin by appreciating the fact that erectile dysfunction can be caused by a bunch of things. This notwithstanding, one thing remains true and non-debatable – a man must have a steady supply of nitric oxide (a neurotransmitter) for him to obtain and retain an erection that is sufficient to deliver satisfactory sex.

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Abbreviated as NO, nitric oxide is naturally produced in the nerve tissue. It plays the important role of pushing your penis to obtain an erection by facilitating the relaxation of the smooth muscle that in turn allows the blood to fill the penile chambers. Upon the first release of the nitric oxide by the body, a set of other chemicals and an additional supply of the neurotransmitter are released. The body does so to ensure that your manhood can remain hard and sufficiently capable of delivering a fulfilling sexual experience.

A critical molecule in a human’s body, nitric oxide offers a significant contribution to a man’s sexual and cardiovascular health. It is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels as well as the enhancement of the entire circulatory system. Throughout the blood vessels, there is a thin lining, known as endothelium that produces nitric oxide.

The endothelium produces the most nitric oxide when a person has a healthy heart. For this reason, a man must work hard to maintain a healthy heart. Some of the things that you can do to enjoy a healthy heart include engaging in regular physical exercises and doing everything possible to maintain low levels of cholesterol. This way, you will enjoy good cardiovascular health that stimulates the production of large amounts of nitric oxide. As a result, the growth of plaque and formation of blood clots will reduce significantly. At the same time, more blood will flow to the penile region – something that translates to stronger and longer lasting erections.

Another thing that you can do to ensure a stable supply of nitric oxide and consequently an improved sexual health is to use a male enhancement supplement containing this neurotransmitter. You cannot fully rely on the natural production of nitric oxide in your body – especially if you are already struggling with erectile dysfunction. In as much as you are engaging in regular exercises and feeding on the right diet (for keeping cholesterol to the minimum levels), you may want to consider supplementing your nitric oxide levels.

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