Male Enhancement And Testosterone – Is There A Connection?

When a man complains about his sexual health, among the things that the doctors evaluate are his testosterone levels. Depending on what your problem is, your physician may recommend a testosterone boost. So, we ask this basic question; why is testosterone so important in the world of male enhancement?

What is testosterone?

It is a sex hormone known to perform a critical role in the human body. It is believed to play the important role of regulating libido, distribution of fat, bone mass, muscle mass, and strength, as well as the production of sperm and red blood cells – in men.

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However, it is worth noting that testosterone is not the only thing that determines a man’s libido and his general sexual performance. On the same note, we must appreciate the fact that reduced levels of testosterone will negatively impact your ability to enjoy fulfilling sex. If you have been experiencing a reduction in your sex drive or difficulties obtaining or maintaining quality erections, the chances are that you have low testosterone. Thankfully, it can be treated.

Researchers are yet to unravel the mystery surrounding the direct relationship between testosterone and sex drive. A man’s sex drive is expected to decline gradually from its peak during his teen years and in his 20s. However, it is normal for libido to vary significantly from one man to another. Someone might think that he has low sex drive which someone else might consider just fine or perfect for themselves. We must also keep in mind that sex drive for men may change from time to time depending on his sleeping habits, how he manages stress factors as well as how often he gets the opportunities to engage in sex. It is therefore impossible to define normal sex drive with confidence. Some men do not even realize that they have lost their sex drive until their partners point out the issue.

The symptoms of low testosterone do not always include low sex drive. Some men can maintain their libido even with reduced testosterone. However, a significant decrease in the amounts of testosterone is certainly bound to result in poor libido. A study was conducted in Massachusetts involving a huge number of men with 11 percent of them claiming to be experiencing low sex drive. The testosterone levels of all the male participants were tested. Apparently, 28 percent of the men who had low testosterone were among the 11 percent of those who complained about low testosterone. The participants were relatively young men aged 47 years on average. Men older than this might experience worse sexual health challenges due to decreased testosterone. As already mentioned, we need not forget that low testosterone is just one of the numerous causes of low sex drive. Other factors such as chronic illnesses, depression, stress and sleep deprivation may also be to blame for this sexual problem.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, low testosterone is hardly ever to blame unless there is another health condition in the picture. Otherwise, only on rare occasion will impotence be attributed to declining testosterone.

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