Battling Erectile Dysfunction With Vitamin B3

Among the sexual health problems that men suffer, which is, unfortunately, the most devastating is erectile dysfunction. It is traumatizing enough for a man to have a less than average penis size, but the situation is even worse if he has difficulties obtaining or retaining an erection. Good sexual performance is one of the things that give men the confidence to walk with their heads held high. As such, when their performance appears to be deteriorating, men feel lost, and their self-esteem hits rock bottom. Stress, anxiety, and depression may kick in, and even the onlookers won’t love the end results.

For this reason, men who have erectile dysfunction are encouraged to seek treatment at the earliest opportunity. This will go a long way in preventing further consequences associated with ED that go beyond poor bedroom performance. There are all sorts of male enhancement pills for treating erectile dysfunction. If you have already been checking these pills out, you must have realized that vitamin B3 is among the commonest ingredient. Why so?

Vitamin B3 and erectile function

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Also known as Niacin, Vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient. Niacin must be included in your regular diet lest you face deficiency. The lack of enough supply of Vitamin B3 in the body may lead to a wide array of health conditions ranging from lesions of the skin to headaches, nausea, and fatigue. For this reason, niacin supplementation is highly recommended. Vitamin B3 supplements are normally used to treat conditions associated with bad cholesterol which has the potential to result in erectile dysfunction. As such, a daily dose of vitamin B3 comes in handy for men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction, or those who desire to improve their erectile function, yet have been diagnosed with unhealthy levels of cholesterol.

A research study authored by Dr. Chi-Fai, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed interesting facts about the relationship between niacin and the erectile function. The research involved 160 men suffering from mild or severe cases of erectile dysfunction as well as high levels of lipid and cholesterol. 50 percent took a placebo pill (the ones with mild erectile dysfunction), and the remaining 50 percent took niacin. Apparently, by the end of the study period, the placebo group did not show any changes in the ED symptoms. On the other hand, the group that took vitamin B3 (including men with mild and severe ED) showed an improvement as far as sustaining an erection is concerned.

Dr. Chi-Fai noted that the most interesting thing about Niacin is that the drug has been around for the longest time and that information about its safety is very well documented. He further explained that at its very basic form, niacin is just a vitamin and as such one of the easiest ways of enhancing a person’s erectile function.

To this end, you must have appreciated the significant role that vitamin B3 plays in male enhancement. Besides supplementation, you may want to ensure that your daily diet includes this important nutrient. Some of the foods that contain niacin include green peas, grass-fed beef, peanuts, liver, mushrooms and chicken breast among many others.

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