How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work? (The Ingredients)

For some reason, men are obsessed with their male members. At some point in time, a man is silently whining about his penis. It could be that he is not satisfied with his size. Others complain about their low libido, and still, there are those struggling with issues such as delayed or premature ejaculation. Generally speaking, the majority of men are never satisfied with their male members. It is for this reason that they turn to the various methods and products of male enhancement – although not all of them. The decision is usually prompted by the desire to change what they do not like about their members.

Today, we look at the male enhancement pills and how they work. While we cannot discuss all the ingredients present in enlargement pills, let’s consider just a few of them.

Maca root

Maca plant originated from Peru, and its roots form an important ingredient in the majority of male enhancement pills – especially the ones designed for improving male fertility. Besides boosting fertility, maca root is held in high regard for its ability to deliver increased libido and sexual energy. Maca root is also known for its erection-enhancing properties.

Epimedium leaf extract

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It is also referred to as horny goat weed. Its presence in male enhancement pills is aimed at improving sexual desire and also alleviating the symptoms of different forms of erectile dysfunction. Epimedium leaf extract contains icariin; a PDE-5 inhibitor that permits a steady supply of nitric oxide to the male member, which is said to promote penile growth. Horny goat weed works optimally when used alongside other ingredients with the potential to boost the production of dopamine and testosterone.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is a rare male enhancement herb seeing that it originates from the Amazon rainforest. It is commonly referred to as Viagra of the Amazon. Its bark extract is included in the male enhancement pills to assist men struggling with low sex drive and performance. Consumption of Muira Puama for just a few weeks is enough to help you bring back your libido.

Tribulus Terrestris

A common component in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (as an aphrodisiac), Tribulus Terrestris has been used by the Chinese for many decades. Its ability to enhance sex drive and sexual stamina is largely attributed to the fact that it contains phytosterols. Individuals whose testosterone levels are depleting, or production of this hormone is slow will find Tribulus Terrestris extremely useful. Where this herb is involved, alongside other PE methods, penile size growth and better sexual performance are inevitable. Also, if you have recently lost muscle mass, and looking for an effective way of getting it back, Tribulus Terrestris will do.

Omega 3

A popular ingredient in male enhancement pills, Omega 3 offers a wide array of health benefits. The ingredient ties the effects of the other ingredients together to make sure that your body is running optimally. It is used in male enhancement pills to keep stroke, prostate cancer, and colon cancer among other health conditions at bay. It also comes in handy because it keeps your heart healthy which goes a long way in ensuring proper circulation. In this case, it plays a similar role in Ginkgo Biloba and L-Arginine. Omega three ensures that your male health is kept stable.

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