Penis Enlargement Weights

Among the oldest, yet refined devices used in enlarging penises are penis weights. It is a practice that can be traced thousands of years back. The ancient tribes used rocks as their weights, but technology has improved the way penis weights are used in modern days.

The practice entails weights hanged from the penis with the objective of facilitating stretching which eventually makes the penis longer. For effective results, the user is required to wear it several hours daily for a specified number of months- usually four to six months. Typically, the penis is subjected to tension which causes micro-tears of its tissues. During the repair and healing process, the penile tissues experience growth of new cellular and consequently, an elongated member. The fresh cellular growth is not only capable of increasing the penis length, but also the girth. The result is an extra half inch of your wiener after four weeks of continuous weight hanging. Imagine what penis weights can deliver in six months; surprising results!

A lot of people ask, do penis weights actually work? You already have the answer- penis weights, if used correctly has what it takes to help you realise your penis enlargement goals penis weights can help you obtain both penis length and girth increase. Besides, they are a lot safer compared to numerous others available in the market today. It is important to have a good understanding of how the penis weights are used in order to avoid potential frustrations such as ineffectiveness or injuries.

Are there any particular benefits of using penis weights?

Of course, yes. I am sure that's what you wish to hear- especially if this is your preferred penis enlargement device. For starters, it is hands-free which means that, after attaching the weights to your cock, you may continue performing other tasks. However, it is advisable to avoid a lot of movement or strenuous activities so as to avoid damage. Secondly, unlike other penis enlargement methods that only deliver penis length increase, weights can help you obtain an increase in girth as well.

A third benefit of using penis weights emanates from the fact that the user can control the size of weights- depending on their comfort level. You will know how much weight is applied, and can increase it gradually as you continue with the penis enlargement program. Lastly, penis weights are safe and effective if used correctly. Further, the physiological indicators of the user are usually monitored. The most important thing here is to take it slow. That's why individuals are advised to use weights one at a time and gradually increase the weights over time.

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Necessary precautions

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the penis weights, enough caution must be exercised. Take note of the following:

  1. Ensure to take good care of your penis when using the penis weights. I don't have to remind you that you are dealing with a very delicate area

  2. As stated earlier, use light weights in the beginning and then increase the amounts of weights gradually as you progress

  3. Follow the instructions provided to the latter. Improper use of penis weights may cause both ineffectiveness, and most importantly, severe damage to your penis tissues.

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