The Pro's And Con's Of Penis Enlargement Weights

I think one of the best things about penis weights is their ability to deliver both penis length and girth increase. They work in the same way that weights assist the bodybuilders to gain muscle mass as well as a well toned physique. The penis is subjected to tension when the weights are hanged. The pressure causes tiny tears in the penile tissues. In the repair and healing process of the tissues, the penis obtains extra inches due to the growth of new cells.

If you are considering using penis weights, it is advisable to know what to expect. Let us consider the pros and cons of using this penis enlargement weight.

  1. You get as much length as you desire: the technique of hanging weight makes it possible for men to gain as much length as they desire. This is mainly because, you can attach any amount of weight you like- of course within the prescribed limit. If you practice persistence with the weight, you will achieve the desired length with time. It all melts down to the amounts of weight you use, discipline, as well as commitment.

  2. You have control over the weights: there is nothing as good as having control over a penis enlargement program. It is up to you to determine the amount of weight or tension that you create on your penis at any given time. It is, however, advisable to begin with light weights and then add as you progress. To obtain better outcome, you may decide to hang more weights while being careful not to hurt the penile tissues.

  3. It doesn't require hands operation: after attaching the weights to your member, your hands are free to perform other tasks. However, avoid strenuous exercise or a lot of movement as this could cause damage.

  4. The user has the benefit of being able to overcome potential plateau he may encounter during the process of penis enlargement. This is mainly because penis weights offer unlimited fulcrums and angles.

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  5. Penis weights are safe as long as they are used correctly. Besides, the fact that you are the one applying the weights on your penis, you have the capacity to prevent possible injuries.

  6. It takes minimal time to gain a larger member compared to other methods of penis enlargement. You will only need to spend a few minutes daily to perform the relevant exercise.

In spite of all the advantages highlighted above, penis weights are associated with some drawbacks. Of essence is to know what they are in order to avoid them. They include:

  1. When not used correctly, they can result in penis injuries

  2. They are not suitable for beginners, but rather for advanced exercisers

  3. When the weights are attached on the penis, one cannot move freely or even perform strenuous activities as this could cause damage. It is more advisable for the user to remain in one place upon hanging the weights to the penis

  4. Without consistency and discipline, the device becomes less effective

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