Smoking Is The Culprit For Your Smaller Penis

There are many studies which show that smoking causes lung cancer. Some people are even does not bother about that, if you are one among them then think again. There are some studies which show that with the regular smoking there will be decrease in your penis size. With every puff you take there will be decrease in your manhood.

Many people still wonder how smoking can decrease penis size well, according to the doctors smoking damages the elasticity of blood vessels in your heart and lungs. Experts believe that the same effect will be extended to your penile tissues. This results in the reduced erections and less hardness in the erections.

In order to make you realize let me explain you with an example. You can consider your penis as a balloon and when you blow air into it, it stretches and widens. In a similar way when the blood flows through the penile tissues you will achieve the erections. When the tissues lose elasticity they will lose the ability to stretch. Smoking too much damages the tissues and thus you will lose ability to achieve erections.

Apart from damaging the penile tissues, smoking also makes you suffer from various kinds of sex related ailments. With the continuous smoking there are high chances of increase in the blood pressure, cholesterol and general weakness. As a result of which there will be some kind of choking effect on the nervous system. Within few months the sperms volume also gets reduced.

There have been many studies to prove the ill effects of smoking. There is a great risk of impotency, which will reduce your chances of becoming a father. There were lots of studies conducted to understand the worst effects of smoking. According to the reports released from the studies it is clearly evident that if you put efforts towards quitting smoking you can lead a happy and satisfied life.

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There are few simple techniques which you need to follow in order to effectively quit smoking. There are millions of men who are suffering from various kinds of ill effects because of smoking. If you have made up your mind to get rid of the smoking related issues then you can follow these simple tips.

  • Exercises – there are lots of simple exercises which can be practiced to get rid of smoking. The technique works in two ways, first it helps in releasing endorphins into your body. These are basically the feel good hormones. Secondly, exercises help you getting relieved from stress. Most of the people smoke to de stress themselves.
  • Stay away from the tempting situation – in this you can stay away from the places where you get tempted to the smoking. There are some other cases wherein you might come across chain smokers. Staying away from these two will give you great relieve from smoking.
  • Usage of herbs remedies in place of medicines is preferred.

Now, it's your choice quit smoking to lead a happy and satisfied life or suffer from the ill effects of smoking.

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