Understand The Different Sizes Of Penis Around The World

There have been many surveys and researches on the penis size. All around the world there are lots of people who possess different sized penis. In order to arrive at a common figure for the penis size would be a difficult job. Since the size of penis various from region to region it is only possible to arrive at territory wise figures for penis.

There are many experts who do not believe the sizes published by most of the newsletters or survey reports. In order to reaffirm the sizes they conduct the surveys from their own labs to arrive at some figures. Collecting details form one country may not be sufficient to provide the exact data, this needs collection of data from other countries as well.

The statistics will take many years to arrive at some common figures. The study requires collecting data from all around the world, refereeing to the journals published in different countries by different experts. Some experts even refer to the data available on the internet to ascertain the data.

There was one survey which included 15 countries to collect the data. The experts who were involved in collecting that data expressed that they faced lots of challenges, because there are some countries where they don't have any kind of data and some countries in which people are not willing to share the information. There are some cases wherein people will not be interested even to talk about it.

You can find lots of online surveys as well as maps which give you the right kind of penis size. Here is a list of countries and the average size of penis:

Canada - 5.5
Chili - 5.7
China - 4.3
Colombia - 6.7
Czechoslovakia - 6.3
Australia - 5.2
Belgium - 6.4
Brazil - 6.2
Denmark - 6.0
Ethiopia - 5.7
Ecuador - 6.9
Egypt - 6.2
England - 5.5
France - 6.3
Germany - 5.7
Indonesia - 4.6
Ireland - 5.0
Ghana - 6.7
Greece - 5.8
India - 4.0
Israel - 5.7
Italy - 6.2
Morocco - 5.9
Netherlands - 5.9
Russian Federation - 5.2

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Japan - 5.2
Lebanon - 6.6
Mexico - 6.2
Norway - 5.6
South Korea - 3.8
Spain - 5.5
Scotland - 5.8
Suriname - 5.2
Venezuela - 6.7
South Africa - 6.0

USA - 5.1

Zaire/Congo - 7.1

Sweden - 5.8
Turkey - 5.5

The survey also mentioned that in case if you don't find your country in the above list then the average size might be slightly lesser than the neighboring countries. The above mentioned sizes are collected from adult penis. just in case if you are not able to match your penis size with anyone from the above then probably you need to look for the country you were born, since variations are bound to happen.

Since the study of penis sizes is slightly controversial it may make you think in different direction. Whatever be the case, you can maintain your penis size by various kinds of penis enhancement methods.

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