Understand The Ill Effects Of Bdd

Generally, women are more obsessed with their looks and surveys show that most of the women are not happy their appearance as compared to men. There was study conducted to understand the behaviors of both men and women, in which a sample of 200 people was considered for the study. Surprisingly the report says that men are equally worried about their appearance. Most of the men are seeking clinical help for the image obsession known as body dysmorphic disorder or in short BDD.

According to the study conducted on BDD which is a diminishing disorder and in which the sufferers are preoccupied with imagined flaws in their appearances. This distresses both the sexes to the similar extent. Even though there is a difference in the men and women who are obsessed for different parts of the body, the overall appearance matters the most.

It is generally assumed that women are more concerned about the body and appearance and thus BDD is more suitable to women. Experts say that please do not be under such kinds of impression, nowadays both the sexes are equally concerned about their appearance and looks.

There are lots of journals and newsletters which publish the reports on the BDD. According to the reports based on the study show that almost one in every 50 people have BDD. The main purpose of this study was to draw a clear cut picture to show exactly how this BDD afflicts both men and women. As per the report it is clearly evident that there are more similarities than the differences.

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The study selected 93 women and 95 men for the clear understanding. Within this sample of people most of them were unemployed and predominantly unmarried. Doctors say that out of this sample most the patients started to have symptoms of BDD during adolescence. This is the age band in which generally has all sorts of changes in the body starts taking place. Both men and women start developing new organs or development of organs.

As per the focus of the study only that body parts were selected for the study which were really concern to the patients. According to the report, men were more often concerned about the body weight, hair loss and size of their sex organs. Whereas, women concentrated only on skin, body weight and hips.

Since the body parts perceived by both the sexes were different, there were some variations in the study as well as reports. As per the general solution, men used a hat to camouflage the flaws that were perceived where as women used the make up to mask their defects. There was one more shocking matter which came to the light that is suicide cases.

Due to BDD most of the men as well as women attempted suicide. After scrutiny, it was found that the number of women is more that men when the conclusion comes to suicide. Apart from this more number of women suffers from the depression, panic disorder other anxieties on account of BDD.

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