Any Problem With Your Manhood Should Be Taken Care Of Immediately

Contact dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis is the name given by the doctors for an allergic reaction that takes place on or around your penis. The symptom of this problem is a visible itchy and sudden red patches. This might happen because of using new washing powder to wash your underwear or it might also happen because of the new scented panty liners which your girlfriend is using. There is a fair chance of this problem to occur from the chemicals used in the latex or condoms.

This type of problems are not really life threatening but they make it very difficult during the sexual intercourse or even when your girlfriends wishes to give you a nice oral love to your penis. The solution to this particular problem is very simple and easy. You need to get back to the products you used previously. Like use the washing powder you used to wash your underpants, use the lotions or condoms you used before. Getting back to the old regimen will solve your issues and if the problem still persists then you need to go for an immediate check up to your general physician.


It is the problem where a greasy flake of yellow patches occurs around your manhood and it starts to bleed when that particular area is scratched. This problem does not confined within your manhood rather they might happen at your scalp, belly button, knees and even at your elbows. When psoriasis happens on your scalp then it causes dandruff.

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To get the proper treatment for this problem you need to visit your general physician as quick as possible. Only a doctor recommended medications should be used if psoriasis occurs else the result might be counterproductive.


Phimosis is the problem where the foreskin of your penis won't retract to the head of the penis. This may not cause you any trouble but on the other hand it might become a huge problem of your life. This is not the problem where you need to panic. You simply need to understand in what way the phimosis is keeping you in trouble, is it the hygiene or pain at the time of sexual intercourse or sexual dysfunction? If your age is below 18 then you have absolutely nothing to worry about because it is very common at this age. Your foreskin will automatically retract over your penis head after you hit the late puberty.

The problem can be easily solved once you visit to your general physician. By applying the doctor recommended cream for about two to three times for each day for a certain period of time will surely help you to overcome with this problem permanently. Still if this problem remains unchanged and if during sexual intercourse you are facing an intense pain at the head of your penis then you need to go for circumcision. There is nothing to be afraid about circumcision because it is a very simple surgery to remove the phimosis from your life.

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