By Mastering Yoga You Can Learn The Marathon Sex Session


Contorting your body so as to make a wild pose and making love to your partner can do some great wonders. This is not the reason because of which you have to get the book of Kama Sutra from the book store or library. As the tantric master has always said that, if you want to cure premature ejaculation then it can be easily done by the help of yoga. So if you are facing the problem of premature ejaculation then you need to join the nearest yoga class.

From the recent study and researches it has been found out that those men who perform kegel exercise or yoga poses lots of times in a single day are able to control their ejaculation. They take longer period of time to reach to climax than those men who does not do any such exercises or practises yoga. A trial run has taken place in India where wives were timing the power of staying of their partner's using stopwatch. It becomes quite difficult for the men to be capable of enjoying sex when there is a stopwatch running by their side.

This pressure has been removed and some new methods were applied which will help a man to improve their timing in the bed. Those methods are mentioned below.

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  • The first and most important method for controlling the ejaculation timing is by strengthening the urethra. This a very simple and easy method by which you will gain a massive power over your ejaculation. In this method you need to apply some small pressure with forefinger and your thumb on your urethra. Urethra is the tube which runs underside and along your manhood. With this technique your sexual tension will decrease for momentary period but it works great in preventing the ejaculation.
  • If you want to last long in bed then you need to stop pounding or thrusting so much. While having sexual intercourse with your partner you need to focus and concentrate on shallow and small movements. You just need to penetrate three inches or so of her vagina. By doing this you will not only be capable of holding your ejaculation timing for prolonged period of time but will also get her arouse even more. If you are habituated by thrusting vigorously then you need to take things slow this time and practise not to engage in heavy thrusting.
  • Kegel exercise is the best solution for preventing premature ejaculation. With the help of kegel exercise you are capable of tightening you PC muscle, where PC stands for PuboCoccygeal, of pelvic floor. To do the kegel exercise you need to put some pressure and stop the urine flow while peeing. Then release the pressure and let the urine flow. Do these step over and over again and your PC muscle will be strong and powerful. While holding the flow of urine you can count till 10 before releasing. This will help you to go all night without any tension of ejaculation timing.

Kiss her during sex

Guys, don't like be others, and stop kissing when you are making love with your girlfriend or partner. Kissing is a feeling that will make your partner more intimate. Instead of just focusing or thinking about the position to enter deep into her, you can make her feel special by kissing her anytime. Make her sit on your lap, and bring her body close to yours, and smooch her. The feel of her bare body will increase your heart beat and arouse a deep sense of sexuality in you. Don't use your tongue like a dart that just moves in and out. You can gently bite her lips and lick her mouth with your tongue, barely allowing to her breathe. She will certainly like such a sensual kiss.

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