Easy Solution For The Problems That Might Evolve Around Your Penis


Whether it's pus-exuding acne on your face or growth of hard yellow skin on your palm or even discolouration of the toenails, nothing will cause you the cold sweats which a red spot on your manhood can. If you notice any blemishes in your penis then first thing you need to do is to calm down and relax. Panicking is not the solution here. You need to identify what kind of blemish it is and take some necessary step and even after that if it still persists then go to your general physician for a check up. Some of the common penis blemishes are mentioned below.

  • Itchy and red rash: Most of the doctors call them contact dermatitis and they are caused because of some allergic reaction. The allergy could be from many different things like the chemicals used in latex or condom, from the new washing powder applied on underpants or may be from something else. This is the time when you need to take antihistamines which are generally used by the hayfever sufferers. You need to use the same brand of washing powder or condom which you were using before. You need to go for a check up if this doesn't work.
  • Itchy and bright red rash where groin meet your legs: This is generally called “Jock Itch” by the sportsmen. Usually known as nappy rash by common people. If you are suffering from this kind of penis blemish then you need to buy some boxers. Boxers allow more and more air to play around your groin. This will keep the location soothing. Now you need to keep that region dry in the morning and to do so you need to apply some talc.

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  • Greasy flakes, yellow patches, bleeds upon scratching: This might be psoriasis. It can happen at any location of your body, such as on your knees, scalp, belly button or elbows. To solve this issue you need to use hydrocortisone cream to clean the affected place. If you get it on the scalp then you have to use prescribed gel or some kind of shampoo that contains tar.
  • Greasy scales, redness with yellow but no bleeding: This is also a skin disorder. It can also affect on various location of your body such as elbow, knees, and even pride and joy, that means manhood. It is commonly known as seborrheic dermatitis. It might also happen on your head and when it does it causes dandruff. You need to go for a check up to your general physician and take some prescribed shampoo or medicines, as they suggest.
  • Powdery scales with white rash in the skin folds: This situation is known as eczema. When such blemishes happen on your manhood then you need to be greatly concern about it. It might also happen at the back of your knees or in elbow crooks. You can avail some cream from the chemists which is specially designed for curing eczema.

Go easy

The ultimate goal is to enter deep into her vagina, but do not merely focus there. Don't enter into her directly, as it might hurt her. Instead rub your hands or use your fingers to stimulate her G-spot. Let her vagina be a little wet, before you penetrate your manhood into it. Indulge into foreplay and stimulate her. When she is going to climax, you can enter deep into her vagina. You can spend time playing around with her breasts and tease her by gently pinching the nipples. Insert your fingers into deep into her vagina and try to reach her G-spot. Try this for couple of times and build up a tension.

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