For Better Performance At Bed You Need Healthy And Strong Manhood

Tip number one:

Whether it is mentioned as first tip or last but losing weight for enhancing your performance in bed or increasing the size of your penis will be always be there. Researchers have found out that obesity or diabetes is the prior reason of impotency. If you increase your blood sugar then it does not help you to keep your body in healthy condition. Diabetes enhances the arterial disease and also obstructs the nerves to transmit sensations along the nerves thorough your whole body. Thus inevitably it makes your penis numb and completely useless.

Tip number two:

To get more rock solid erections you need to yawn more. It is a scientific fact that when you yawn you just missed having an erection for a small mark. Basically the responses to yawn or erection is controlled by the chemical named nitric oxide. This chemical is released in the brain which can either go down to your penis through the blood vessels or can travel through the neutrons which control the breathing as well as mouth opening. Thus the more you allow yourself to yawn the more strong erection you are more likely to get.

Tip number three:

One of the major reasons behind impotency is due to having extra affairs. Many doctors have always asked the patient with erectile dysfunction whether they are having extra affairs or not. This generally happens because of the guilty consciousness that works inside of you all the time and it stops the nerves from working properly. Guilt is transformed into anxiety and ultimately it kills the power of getting erection. Thus you need to come clean with your partner if you had extra affairs or you should stop yourself from getting into one if you want to keep your penis healthy and strong.

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Tip number four:

Walking or jogging should be your best friend if you want to stay healthy and have the most awesome sex of your life. It has been scientifically proven that those who walks or jogs for 20 to 30 minutes are in possession of great penis. Thus walking will work as a charm in keeping a healthy body and penis as well.

Tip number five:

Stop all your bad habits immediately. Bad habits include smoking or drinking regularly or heavily. Any kind of addiction results to impotency and it makes your penis incapable of getting hard again. From a research study it has been found out that smoking affects the size of your penis erection. So if you want to give your best performance in bed to your woman then you need to quit your bad addictions. A healthy penis results to a healthy life overall.

Tip number six:

You need to give as much rest as possible to your penis. He also needs some rest before going another round that day or some other day. A tired penis can result in giving a poor performance and can hamper it all.

Touch her hot spot midaction

She can experience a better climax when you stimulate her clitoris. If your partner is having difficulty experiencing orgasm during lovemaking, then stimulate her sensitive part. Rub her clitoris with your fingers, whenever possible. Don't try to put in all your fingers, as it will definitely not stimulate her. Start slowly and put one finger inside her vagina. You can then try inserting 3 fingers, while still playing with her pubic region, including clitoris with your palm. Gradually increase the speed and ensure that it is sexing her. You will enjoy hearing her moan in ecstasy when your finger reaches her G-spot.

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