You Manhood Should Always Stand To The Occasion


Your manhood is your pride and joy. There are lot of things in life which solely based on your manhood like your overall health or mental condition, relationship with your partner and many more. If your manhood is not in proper shape or doesn't give a standing ovation while seeing your partner in the most intimate moment of her or yours life then it could really turn down the whole night and even break down the whole relationship with utter disappointment.

The first time when your partner sees your manhood should not have any kind of doubt in her brain about what extent you want her. The lust that comes from the stiffness of the manhood, need to be well visible to your women. She will be glorified as well as feel desired when she will look at your hard as steel manhood. Many sex educator or practitioner have suggested or rather strongly recommended to stop masturbating for 2 to 3 days before the day you sure you will have sex with your women for the first time. By doing this your erection will not only be strongest but will also be biggest when you will finally go for sexual intercourse.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Alcohol can take it all away. It might be your birthday celebration or celebrating your anniversary where most of the men tends to get sway away with the champagne or other alcohols in that party. If you wish to give your new best performance in the bed later on then you need to gain control over the limit of consumption of alcohol. With alcohol you might lighten up the party but meanwhile you are also depressing the level of your testosterone and with champagne you are just speeding up the process of absorption. It simply means you won't be able to keep the good work in bed later on.

Massage is one of the best natural way to getting you back to the game. Once you have reached the climax and shot your load, your game is not yet over. With massage you can very easily minimize the time of the refractory period. Refractory period is the period of time it takes to get an erection after the previous ejaculation. Your girlfriend can give you a massage and by doing so she will keep herself stimulated and involved by touching you. The sexual tension is relieved in your penis or thrusting muscles. It improves the blood flow while encouraging for a new erection.

The erection in the morning also gets your woman tuned on. If you wake up with an erection then you need to run to the bathroom for a shower. Clean it, keep your manhood fresh and then get ready for action in the morning. She might also like to give you a nice oral love to your penis as she knows that your manhood is fresh and washed. Thus you have become your woman's dream and this helps you a lot for long run.

Try the 'X' position

Women always love men with good physique and stronger arms. She is easily attracted towards such manly features, so you need to make proper use of them. There are various positions that would need you to strongly hold your partner and make love to her. You can exhibit your strength and stamina through X position. Let your partner sit facing you with legs apart. Straddle your hips with her legs, which will slightly raise your pelvis. With your arms straight you can lean back in such a manner that both your bodies appear in the shape of X. Once you are comfortable with the position, you can make rigorous moments that will rock her world.

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