Whether It Is Small Or Big Penis Problem Is A Big Problem


Eczema is a problem related with your manhood where small pieces of skin start to flake out from your manhood. During this situation you really need to worry because this might lead to a problem of having sex with your partner. This problem generally occurs on the skin of your manhood or found around the crook of the knees (more specifically behind the knees) and elbows as well.

If you are facing this type of problem then you need to take care of it as soon as possible before it leads to some major problems. Your general physician can recommended some of the dermatitis cream or eczema cream which will help you to get over with your problem permanently.

Seborrheic dermatitis:

This is practically known as skin disorder which might happen at around your manhood as well as other part of your skin. There is no specific age limit for this disorder to take place. In this problem a greasy scales with redness with yellow is noticed but upon scratching it does not bleeds. This might also happen at your head and it results in dandruff.

You might get the required treatment cream from any chemists shop but it is always better to get a check up before you start treatment them with your skills. It will not only result counterproductive but might also cause huge pain and irritation around your penis.

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Erections are comparatively less hard than before:

One of the major reasons because of this problem might be erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular diseases are very common among the men of 40 years old or older. Though this is not considered to be the only one reason of the problem still it is considered to be the most possible case. Another possible reason behind this problem might be imbalance of the hormones, mainly because of the low level of testosterone in the body.

Hormonal problems might evolve from head injury, it doesn't matter whether it's a crack of head or a small knock, and it can cause a heavy and severe damage to your pituitary gland. This leads to all kind of hormonal problems. You might even ask your general physician to do a screening so as to check whether there is some metabolic or physical issue. For those who are young the reason is because of psychological issues.

If this problem is not impairing the strength and vitality but still you want a little preparation beforehand then you might try changing your diet for good. Many nutritionists will suggest you the perfect diet plan for perfect erection of your penis. If the problem arises because of psychological problem then you need to seek for counselling.

“Performance anxiety” is the most common problem for the first timers or for those who had a bad experience on their last time. By counselling you will enhance your positive approach towards sex which will eliminate those anxieties very fast and quite easily.

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