Four Best Tips For Enhancing Your Health Condition By Having Sex


Every man wants to be young and keep the same energy that they had when they were young. Unfortunately, as time passes our age increases and the condition of our health decreases. It is a natural truth which everyone hates to accept it. At young age we posses' lots of energy and our sexual performance rockets through the roof. With age it degrades day by day. There is nothing you can do to stop aging but there is way to keep your health condition better even if you are aged. By following only 4 simple steps you will be in possession of great body and perfect health. Those tips are mentioned below:

  • Have sex to cure headache. After long hours of tiring work at office or doing loads of household chores, having a headache is natural. Most of the people prefer to take pills for headache. Inevitably those pills works as a charm but they leave a small trace of side effects which later on increases and spoils you testosterone level completely. The best way to get over is to have sex. From the studies it have been found out that by making passionate love with your partner it works same rather better on the pain receptor of your brain as done by the medications or prescribed pills.
  • Masturbation is the best way to avoid prostate cancer. This is the most easiest and simple prescription which can any doctor ever recommend. From The Cancer Council of Australia it has been found out that those people who masturbate five time minimum in a week are more likely to reduce the risk of having prostate cancer. The idea behind this logic is that the ejaculation blocks the carcinogens which are released from the prostate gland. Thus if you want to keep your body healthy and at good shape it is advised to masturbate at least four times in a week.
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  • Having sex regularly helps you to keep a good health condition overall. From the Royal Edinburgh Hospital it has been found out that testosterones are released upon having coitus. The testosterone that is released helps a lot in strengthening the muscles as well as bones of your body. The chemical which is released is also very important for enhancing the immune system of your body. Thus by engaging in coitus for three times in a week will help you with age defying benefits. Thus start making time from your busy schedule and have a passionate love with your partner.
  • If you are feeling low or you just can't get your head straight then you need to have sex with your partner. Studies have shown that with sex you can not only have pleasure but with that stimulation you can also get your brain to start working again. Thus in short, with sex you can be smarter as well as a better person overall. Thus try to follow the simple steps to make better health condition.

Nibble on her neck

Her neck is one of the supersensitive body parts, which will tickle and arouse her sexually. The skin beneath her ear, close to her collarbone is very delicate and hyper sensitive. Let your tongue lick this soft part and slowly come down to the place where her neck and shoulder meet. Breathe close to her ears, as it will create a magical moment, where she gets a taste of your tongue and breath. Excite her by nipping the bottom of her neck. This will tickle and arouse her. Her neck is the area where you can make use of your tongue and excite her beyond her expectations.

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