There Are Very Easy And Simple Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction causes lots of problems among most of the relationship. Because of this particular reason many long lasting relationship has ended up with a bad result such as permanent separation or divorce. It all starts from the bed. Just think about the disappointment or embarrassment that you can face when your partner is all turned on and you are facing a hard time to get a hard on. The whole night will be ruined as well as fall a great impact on the relationship.

Now there are quite simple steps by following which you can easily solve your issues for once and all. Some of the best erectile dysfunction curing tips is mentioned below:

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  • Never ever go down with prescribed or non prescribed medications. There are many pills which really makes your sex life disappointing. Even the prescribed pills are also a bad idea if you want to make your sex life better and beautiful. There are more than dozens of prescribed pills which has erectile dysfunction in the list of side effects. Some of those prescribed pills are for antidepressants, anti-ulcer and blood pressure drugs.
  • Do not try to avoid the fact that you have erectile dysfunction, so always get checked up as soon as possible. Erectile dysfunction is, inevitably, quite embarrassing for all the man all around the world. Never try to ignore the fact that you are not fit to satisfy your women completely so it is always better to check or seek for professional help. There is no shame in making yourself perfect for your partner than ignoring it and end up with disappointment in between the sheets.
  • Being fat or obese can also be a prior reason for erectile dysfunction. From a recent research in Boston's Tufts University it has been found out that there is a direct relation between waist size and erectile dysfunction. The more your waist size the more likely to face erectile dysfunction. The more you loose weight and slim down the more likely to prevent from erectile dysfunction of curing it. You can lose weight faster rather four times faster if you add light and small exercises for each day.
  • Smoking result in erectile dysfunction. Many men will be really shocked after listening this but it is the truth. From a research it has been found out that the non smokers generally have bigger and stronger manhood than those who smokes. By smoking you are actually damaging the penile tissues as well as blood vessels which eventually end up in erectile dysfunction.
  • Stress is another reason for your erectile dysfunction. Stress might be from hard day at work or house related choir but no matter what it is, the stress is the reason for your poor performance in bed. Try to do something to relax your mind or do something interesting to break the stress so that you relax your body as well.

Touch her belly and inner thighs

Her belly and thighs are quite sensitive areas, and she will love you to play around them. You can make a sign or write something with your fingertips and ask her to guess it. You could also make simple circular movements, all around her belly. This will make her giggle and feel good. Such motions should be slow. Move your fingers from her belly towards her thighs slowly and teasingly. These are special touch and will easily stimulate her desires. It gives her enough time to open herself in front of you. Don't restrict yourself to one particular area, rather check what all other places stimulates her excitement.

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