Choose Your Sex Position Depending On The Size Of Your Penis


If you are having a penis size of 6 inches and more when erect then you might think that you have the best penis size but the fact is you might hurt your partner. If your penis size if much bigger than the size of your partner's vaginal canal then you may hit at the wall of her vaginal with your penis and it will give her the most painful sensation internally.

The best position for penis this big is being on top of her. She can control how deep you must go without hitting the wall. You can also use the position of being on top of her but from behind. Since her body will be lying flat on the bed and your leges will be outside hers, thus it will prevent you from penetrating too deep.

If your penis girth is more or just about 5.3 inches then also there is a problem of penetration. Just take the case of having a key which is too big to fit in the lock. In this case you need to be very gentle while making love to each other. You need to give her some time to relax and her vagina so that it can accommodate you. Use lubrication to make everything smooth.

The best position in this situation is her being on top. She can ease herself and push gentle with her whole body strength on your manhood.


For those who have a penis size of 4.5 to 6 inches when erect are most suitable for making love. The nerve endings of the vagina are close to the entrance and with that size of penis you are ideal to stimulate your woman's vagina.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

With such a penis you can enjoy any form of sexual position. If you really want to impress her then you need to insert the front of the penis and get it out slowly instead of pounding her heavily.

If the girth of your penis is between 4.5 to 5 inches then you need some sort of friction in the sexual relationship. With this girth you might sometime feel lost in her vagina and it will be difficult to gain the sensation of the sexual intercourse.

To make your penis tighter inside her you need to keep her knees together. Her vagina should be stretched from front to back instead of side to side while her legs are spread.


If you have penis size less than 4 inches when erect then you have some options available to you which are not available for the men with larger penis.

The best position to follow with such penis size if missionary.

With penis girth less than 4.5 inches you need to wear ribbed condom since it will enhance the sensation for her. The best position with such girth is to penetrate her from behind and she have to lie down flat on her stomach. It increases the tightness and reduces the depth.

Give her instructions

Boys, never be under the impression that you know all the tactics to amuse your partner. There is always something that you might have never tried to excite your girlfriend. You can talk to her and know more about her expectations, as her desires might have changed from the last time you spoke to her. Make a list of things that you know and check if they can be performed differently. Don't forget to make your partner a part of such thought process, as she can give you new and better ideas. If you don't perform them good today, don't worry you both can try them again the following day.

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