It Is Time To Select Your Food To Have Better Penis


It is considered to be the best booster for having a healthy sexual life. The reason because of which it is so effective is because of the 3 substances which are present in it. They are phenylethylamine, caffeine and theobromine. Phenylethalamine is used because it helps to improve the mood whereas theobromine is used as because it activates the nervous system and the heart as well. Last but not least, caffeine is known best for acting as a stimulator. Thus in short, after you consume chocolate in daily basis you will have more desire, energy and excitement than before.


Generally coffee is used to wake up your brain. Many people are not aware of the fact that coffee also wakes up other parts of the body as well. From a recent study it has been found out that those who drinks coffee, one cup daily, are much sexually active and experiences much less erection issues than those who doesn't. You also need to know the limit of consuming coffee because if you overdo then the result might be counterproductive. Having four cups of coffee should be your maximum limit else you will get nervous breakdown and strung up.


Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

If you are over 40 years old then it is quite normal to get affected by cholesterol. Cholesterol blocks your arteries which supplies blood to your penis. To attain a full grown erection you need 10 times more amount of blood than what remains during flaccid state. By eating cherries you can keep your cholesterol to a minimum level. Cherries are the best natural source of fibre and it helps you to reduce the level of the bad cholesterol that is present in your bloodstream. Even most of the sex trainers and doctors strongly recommend having more cherries.

Spaghetti Bolognese:

We all might be aware of the fact that Italians hold a huge reputation of being a great lover. Well the reason behind this is their pasta diet. Serotonin is a very essential chemical which is released or produced by the brain. This chemical makes you feel sexy as you eat carbohydrate along with the foods which contain amino acid tryptophan. Amino acid tryptophans are found in grated cheese toppings and meats. Tryptophan might make you feel sleepy but when you eat it with serotonin, it simply increases the desire of having wonderful sex.


Zinc is the most important metal that increases your sexual performance and enhances your fertility as well. Oysters contain a very high level of zinc and are also known as natural aphrodisiacs. Testosterone is the hormone which promotes sexual desire in women and men and thus it is extremely necessary to produce more testosterone. When you ejaculate then your body expels almost 5 mg of zinc. Thus if you want to go for another round and want it to be great as the first one then you need to have more zinc in your body.

She will do anything if you tailor your approach to her preferences

Guys don't try any new act, unless you understand her sexuality. You will certainly turn her off, if the act fails. You cannot afford to annoy your partner, especially when you are fully charged up. When you are touching her or feeling her body, ensure you use the right kind of pressure. You can learn more about her expectations and desire, by paying close attention to her body language. Ask her how she feels about your touch and if she could stroke you in the similar manner. A little pressure will certainly add to the excitement while feeling each others. There are possibilities she wouldn't mind you experiment a new sexual act on her as well.

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