Measure Your Penis And Compare It With Average Penis Size


Men have always underestimated the size of their penis. It is a very true fact that when a men look down to their penis, it seems that it is smaller but actually it is quite big. For men their most important thing is their penis. It has and will always be their pride and joy.

In order to increase the length of the penis many men have gone to their extreme limits. Indian mystics such as Sadhus well known for stretching their penis from a very early age by using a weight and hanging them from their penis whereas the Brazil's Topinama tribesmen used poisonous snake to bite on their penis in order to increase the size of their manhood.

Now a days all these extreme madness has been replaced with much sophisticated method to increase the size of the penis. You only need to increase it if you really need it thus before you even consider to use penis enlargement methods you need to measure your own penis and compare it with average penis size of men.

Measure the size of your penis:

To measure the size of your penis all you need to do is to take a scale and measuring tape. It involves a very simple technique which everybody can follow. It is not any rocket science. First you need to measure the size of your penis when it is at flaccid state. Always bear in mind that your penis quickly reacts to cold and hot temperature thus it will either shrink or grow depending on the room temperature. While measuring the size you need to be in normal room temperature.

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Take the scale and put it at the base of your penis and touch the starting point of the scale to your skin and mark the reading from the tip of your penis. Thus you have got your flaccid penis size. Now you need to measure the length of your erect penis as well as the girth of your penis. To do so you need to follow the same method but you need to bend the scale a little and keep it as your penis shapes up when it is erect. Again mark the reading from the head of your penis and you have got your erect penis length.

To measure the girth of your penis you need to wrap the tape around your penis, one inch from the base. Measure the reading and you have got your penis girth size.

Average penis size:

For teenagers there are no figures available for average length of penis because people tend to grow at various rates.

For adults, the average length of the penis when it is erect is around 14 to 16 cm which means 5.5 to 6.3 inches. The average girth of the penis when it is erect is around 12 to 13 cm which means 4.7 to 5.1 inches.

If you have a penis size less than 3 inches when erect, then you need to go for an penis enlargement options.

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