Now You Can Even Solve The Problem Of Phimosis Easily


Many men have often faced trouble with the situation when their foreskin of the penis does not retract over the tip of the manhood. This situation is named phimosis medically and is not very easy to deal with. This situation not only makes it difficult for the men but also makes a negative effect on the women's life as well and it hampers the sex life too. It might be very difficult situation but still there is an easy solution to it. Before we check out the solution, let us find out the symptoms of phimosis.


By the age of 10, most boys will have retraceable foreskin but majority of the times they reach at the age of 16 or 17. Thus if you just became teen and haven't grown retraceable foreskins then there is nothing to be afraid about. Now it might be a problem if you are entering into adulthood but still haven't grown retraceable foreskins on your manhood.


Phimosis is one of the crucial sexual issues which cause tenderness, redness, and swelling and, more importantly, it makes the whole sexual intercourse extremely painful. Phimosis often leads to getting hurt while having sex and it can never be comfortable and satisfying for anybody.

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Moreover if you are suffering from phimosis and you are having sex you are more likely to cause paraphimosis and it is more dangerous than phimosis. Paraphimosis is the situation where your foreskin retracts and it never returns back to the original position. You can never get any fun while facing paraphimosis and is considered to be a medical emergency.


No matter how hard your problem is, there is always a solution for it. Thus there is also some sort of treatment for phimosis and it depends on the cause. You may have this problem because of psychological issue, which means if you are born with such condition, then topical steroids or maintaining a proper and healthy personal hygiene. You can even use some cream on the interior as well as exterior of the head of the foreskin for almost three times each day.

You might be suffering from phimosis due to some infections and in this case the cream treatment is not more likely to be of any use. You need to go for an immediate check up and most probably you will be recommended to have a circumcision.

No matter what the reason of having phimosis is, before you go for a check up, at first you need to do something on your own. You should try to stretch your foreskin of your manhood. You can either use some sort of lube or the best time to do it will be when your penis is at flaccid state. If the issue still persists only then go for the check up. You doc can suggest you many available options such as topical steroids, circumcision or a small surgical procedures called dorsal slits.

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