There Is Always A Solution To All Your Penis Related Issues

Number one:

Problem: Most often after you have finished peeing, few drops always come out at the end and make a dot spot at your pant.

Reason: the urethra is closed by the sphincter which is present at almost 8 inches from the head of your penis. Thus some urine still remains the tube which comes out later on.

Solution: you can solve this problem by two simple ways. One you can press your scrotum from behind and other is by urethral milking. Urethra milking is the process where you just have to run any of your fingers through the penis underline. This will force out all the remaining liquid.

Number two:

Problem: Sometimes many men ejaculates while bench pressing. This makes it very uncomfortable and leaves a staining mark at your gym shorts.

Reason: While you are bench pressing, you are actually contracting your pelvic muscles. As a result of which you are exerting some pressure on the seminal vesicles and prostate and thus it ejaculates some seminal fluid.

Solution: There is a very simple solution to this and it is to ejaculate more often.

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Number three:

Problem: Often seminal fluid comes out during foreplay.

Reason: When someone gets turned on, the Cowper's gland, which is present at your penis base, ejects a liquid so as to lubricate the urethra. This pre-ejaculation takes place as long as you stay erect.

Solution: To be truthful there is nothing wrong with that rather it helps the semen to ooze out from your penis unfettered.

Number four:

Problem: Unable to urinate in public. This disorder is called paruresis and it can also be called as stage fright.

Reason: This disorder is mainly because of nervousness. When you get nervous, the muscle which controls the urination gets tightens involuntarily and it claps the flow.

Solution: To solve this issue you need to find a private place to urinate. You need to relax your body, so reading a paper during urination helps a lot. You can follow this exercise while urinating in a public restroom to get over with your thing faster. First take a deep breathe and then contract the pelvic muscle. Hold on your breathe for a while and then exhale and relax. Repeat this step until and unless you hear some trickle.

Number five:

Problem: Sometime the flow of the urine is going on your left while you are aiming straight.

Reason: There is a small opening at the head of you penis and it is called meatus. The problem solely lies there. For any king of irregularity in meatus, or some ejaculation or dried mucus in your meatus then this problem evolves.

Solution: before you urinate, just part your meatus gently and you will avoid wetting your bathroom floor.

Number six:

Problem: your penis shrinks down on getting wet.

Reason: penile muscles tend to contract when they are cold.

Solution: a gentle tug will help you to loosen the penile muscle and your penis will restore to its normal length.

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