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Summary: This article details the desire of a bigger penis by males and the justification behind this desire.

People often say that size doesn't matter, but this is not the case with the male sex organ. The penis size truly affects the self-esteem, the confidence and the physical appearance of a fully grown-up man. This fact is not newly developed but is in existence since ages.

Generally most men have the tendency to perceive their penis size to be below average and therefore may think that they have some medical problem. But actually only those people who have penis length less than 7 cm or 2.8 inches are the ones who have the real problem. These people have micropenis and they really have a medical problem.

Bigger penis Desire- Reasons behind it

There can be various environmental and personal reasons that act as a trigger for the desire of a bigger penis. One of such usual reason can be shame caused due to teasing amongst peers by bullies who have bigger penises. This feeling of shame forces the person to get a bigger penis so as to overcome these feelings.

Another common reason is observing other men's penises in the shower rooms or locker rooms and making a comparison. This usually starts in teenage but can actually influence a person at any instance of life on coming in contact with other naked males at different places (like shower rooms as mentioned above).

A common reason behind the underestimation of one's own penis size is pornography in which, the men usually have above average penis size. This makes the person seeing them feel that he has a below standard size penis.

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Another reason behind this can be unsuccessful sexual relationships and criticisms from the sexual partner. This leaves the men with a feeling of inadequacy and inferiority.

There are some true cases of penis problem (micropenis) in which the person is not able to get effective penetration.

Bigger Penis Desire- Its effects

Men who are unsatisfied with their penis size often face troubles in their sexual life as they perceive themselves as inferior and inadequate. Not only this, the bigger penis desire can also affect other areas of life and work significantly. Poor sexual performance leads to a sensation of low self-esteem, incompetence and frustration. This ultimately causes depression, obsession and anxiety within the person.

But in some cases, the person doesn't get this feeling due to bad sexual performance as he might be satisfying the partner well enough. The feeling is actually derived from seeing the other men and making a comparison thereof. In this case the social interactions and the professional achievements of the person are affected.

The obsession with one's own penis can be a reason for the dysmorphophobia disorder in which the person is psychologically unsatisfied with the shape and size of a body part. In case of serious condition, appropriate therapies and medications should be used.

Desire for a bigger penis- Nothing wrong in it

Penis enlargement can be really satisfying for the person, boosting his confidence and removing the obsession of a smaller penis. It doesn't matter, whatever be the reason for male enhancement because ultimately it aims at improving the body and increasing the self-esteem of the person.

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