Do All Penis Enlargement Solutions Really Work? - A Critical Assessment

People usually claim certain penis enlargement solutions to be effective without any scientific evidences. This can be quite dangerous for the people who are seeking such treatments and this is the reason why numerous studies on several penis enlargement solutions were conducted. The following are some briefs on some of the popular penis enlargement solutions based on the researches conducted in the various penis augmentation studies:

Penis enhancement surgeries ( for patients having normal penis size)- This study was published in April 2009 in European Urology,in which articles related to penis surgery procedures were critically and systematically reviewed. These articles included all articles published since 1965. The conclusion derived from these reviews was that a penile enlargement surgery can help in around 1-2 cm penis length growth and around 2-3 cm penile girth growth. The drawbacks of these surgeries as concluded by the surgery were- low satisfaction rate, formulation of granuloma, deformity and scarring. These complications and negative outcomes of the surgery were critically highlighted in the study.

Penis Extender Device- the effectiveness of this device was comprehensively dealt by the studies conducted by Dr. E. Diego in 1998. The study was conducted in Spain on 37 healthy patients for over 3-6 months. Different levels of traction force of the device were used in a systematic form on a routine basis. The results were that there was an average 0.5 cm monthly increase in the penis size and overall 0.6- 1.0 cm increase in the penis perimeter. The effectiveness of the device is directly proportional to the time period for which the device was used. One more conclusion derived from the study was that age is immaterial for increase in penis size.

Traction (Penile extensor) - The study conducted by Dr. Diego was further proved by the study conducted in 2005 in Shanghai by Chinese Doctors on 30 patients of different ages. The device here was worn for 9 hours daily for a period of around 3 months. The results showed that there is a 2.1 cm increase in size in the flaccid state while 2.0 cm growth in the erected posture. There was a considerable increase in the thickness of the penises.

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Treatment of Short Penis with Penile Extender Device- The study was recently conducted on 15 patients in Italy (published in Urology International) which shows a mild improvement in the size of the penile length and girth.

Men with Shortened Penis (effect of penile extender device) -The study related to this was conducted in Tehran by Nikoobakht, in which it was concluded that these devices are effective in the treatment of penile curvature and symptoms of Peyronie's disease.

Medical Extender for treating Peyronie's Disease- This study was conducted on 10 men by Levine and his team. It was concluded that the erectile function has improved without any side effects.

Treatment of Penile Curvature by using Penile Extender Device-The study conducted by Dr. Gontero in 2009 shows positive outcomes in this aspect.

Now, a person can properly assess the effectiveness of the various penile enlargement treatments/solutions.

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