Micropenis Growth- Penis Extension Treatments

A penis is said to be a micropenis when the size of the penis is smaller than 3 inches or 7-8 cm during erection. But these boundaries are not perfectly set and are just rough estimates. This problem of micropenis is also termed as a mini-penis sometimes, as it depicts a penis which is smaller than average penis size. This is a real medical disorder unlike the desire for penis growth for aesthetic purposes. This problem is serious as it leads to problems in penetration and thereby creating difficulties in procreation.

Treating Micropenis-

The micropenis problem is usually treated with the help of testosterone therapy. The basic reason behind this is that the micropenis disorder is basically an outcome of abnormal testicle development, androgen insensitivity, or low production of testosterone. This treatment has very low success rates and in the rarest of the situations the penis reaches the average penis size.

This is the reason why people also treat this disorder though penis augmentation surgery. Along with the high costs involved in this surgery, this surgery has certain drawbacks and possible complications, therefore people are considering other options available as well.

A customised penis extender device can be significantly helpful in treating this problem. But there is a limitation to this, which is, only a penis of reasonable length can be helped with the penis extenders on the other hand too small penises cannot be.

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For such very small penises which cannot be helped using penis extenders, another treatment can be adopted. A surgical process can grow the size of the penis up to a certain extent, after which a penis extension treatment can be performed to incorporate more girth and length to the penis. This device works in similar fashion as a general penis enlarger, but is specially adapted and customised for smaller penises.

The results are quite encouraging but it involves a great deal of discipline and sincerity from the side of the patient as he is required to be very persistent in the various extension procedures. It takes some months to start showing some effective results. The device is required to be worn for some hours every day in a routine manner. If a person neglects this routine, the success of penis growth would not be much.

Other Penis Extension Procedures along with Surgery

Retraction of the penis is very much possible after the penis growth surgery due to incorrect healing. This is the reason why more and more surgeons recommend the usage of penis extenders after the surgery to prevent the retraction. This is because the penis extenders hold the penis while it is healing, and also in some cases the penis extenders have shown to further increase the penis size.

Additional penis pills can also be combined along with the penis extenders as supplements. This will further increase the blood flow into the penis thus carrying more nutrients and oxygen. This helps in faster growth of the penis along with helping in the powerful and prolonged erection of the penis.

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