Penis Exercises- Detailed Analysis Of Various Penis Exercises

There are numerous penis exercises which are being performed by individuals all over the world. These are bestowed on to the present generations by the previous generations. It is one of the various procedures that a person can adopt to increase the penis size.

Milking (also known as jelqing) is the most regular technique of penis exercises for obtaining a penis that is bigger in size. The exercise is based on firm clutching of a semi-erect penis by using the thumb and the index finger. It is then followed with repeated sliding action from the head to the base of the penis. This helps in forcing more blood towards the tip of the penis.

With time, numerous additions and modifications have been evolved in the field of penis exercises. Many of these can be done using some professional devices or amateur devices (such as rollers, clams, etc.). All of these practices have no scientific or medical proof. These are just passed on to one another through the medium of internet. These devices can be quite dangerous and can hurt or damage the penis tissues temporarily or permanently. The negative symptoms can be scaring, skin discolouration, veins-rupture, etc.

This is the basic reason why a person needs to be very careful in doing such exercises. One important thing is that a person should never overdo any penis exercise and should stop the treatment immediately if it starts paining or makes the person uncomfortable.

Weight Hanging- putting an additional load

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This is a very old technique in which the penis weight is increased by putting some additional load. It has been in practice in many tribes across the globe.

The mechanism is simple. In this a string (suspended with a weight) is tied around the penis. Generally the string is tied behind the glans/ at the head. The weight is raised in the course of time, and is repeatedly done for short intervals (some minutes). This increases the penis strength and stamina. The penis length increases considerably but a very less growth of girth has been observed.

This exercise can be very dangerous and can lead to many serious injuries and disorders. It can even lead to impotence and thus following this exercise is strictly unadvised.

A person can go for penis enlarger devices which also show positive results without any negative impacts.


This is another dangerous practice and should be totally avoided. It is very much discouraged by the professional and the medical fraternity. The damages that can be caused to the penis can be quite serious.

The basic principle behind this method is to tightly compress the penis base during erection in order to prevent blood outflow of the penis. This is done with the help of a tool such as rings, clams or strings. After doing this, the organ is put off to gain girth, while masturbation.The tool used for this can prove to be very dangerous and may result in serious problems and therefore avoid this.

Good penis exercises can be combined with penis enlargement supplements for better results.

Her sex drive is less constant than yours - adapt your sex life to suit

Unlike men, the sexual desire in women varies considerably. The desire in men to make love goes down with age, which is not the case with women. In fact, make love to your partner before and after her menstrual period. Guys, making love is not all about satisfying your desires. Strengthen your relation by understanding her moods and expectations as well, which mainly varies due to her sexual cycle. There are times when she doesn't want to indulge into any act at all. Guys don't hesitate to respect her mood swings. You can ask her to give you oral sex, only if she is ok with it. If not, then wait for another day when she is ready to make love to you.

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