A Longer Ring Finger Entails A Bigger Endowment Down There

Do you have an idea that without even looking at your penis, people can get an idea about its size? Don't worry neither your trousers are revealing nor is there any problem with the zip, it's actually your own body part announcing that.

It has been claimed by many, for a long time that your feet size and your hands' help them with that. However, the Korean Researchers have their own theory to analyze the size of your private organ. They won't look at your feet, and neither to any other part of your body, but fingers.

It was not a minor research, a total of 144 men were made the subjects by them. A complete analysis of the size of the fingers and the penises of all these subjects were done. To collect that data they were anesthetized, as the there was an assumption that one's erected penis' size is equivalent to his extended penis when anesthetized. Hence the team was ready with the sufficient data, the size of the patients' penises in both the extended and flaccid conditions, and the lengths of their fingers.

An amazing yet precise conclusion to which they arrived was there is a very general relevance, of the ratio of ring finger and index finger with the length of one's stretched penis. So as higher is the difference between the length of your ring finger and your index finger, the longer is your penis in the erected state.

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So the longer your love will take to put on the ring on your engagement day, the more will be the pain and the pleasure she will be experiencing soon. Better make her aware of it, so that she will be prepared mentally at least.

However another very significant factor that was researched and made responsible for this digit ratio was the prenatal exposure to testosterone in males and estrogen in the females. As males have great prenatal exposure to testosterone so that entails a great impact for their longer ring finger. So this longer ring finger has also been relevant to aggression, sexuality, athleticism, intelligence, and many more of such traits. Considering the cases with the women, as they have either equal index and ring finger, or sometimes shorter ring finger, so that is implied to a prenatal exposure to estrogen.

To establish this hormonal exposure theory, they experimented with the mice. Mice, why these poor little animals? The simple answer and the supporting fact to this action was the finger pattern or the finger ratio of those small animals, which greatly resembles with the humans'. So two of the mice's embryos were experimented, one to greater testosterone exposure and the other to more estrogen exposure. Not so amazing and as per the expectation, the effects were similar on the mice. Estrogen ones or the feminine mice had an equal or smaller index to ring finger, and the masculine were with bigger ring finger.

So now stop being bothered if a woman checks your shoe size, but of course if she is observing your ring finger be careful.

Don't: Try To Stick As Many Fingers As You Can Up There

Guys don't thrush all your fingers into your partner's vagina. Instead, use your index and middle fingers that can be easily reach her G-spot. You can repeat this until she reaches orgasm. Using all the fingers would be a bad idea, as her vagina is not a glove wherein you can insert all of them. You can sit in front of her and tactfully insert your fingers inside in such a way that it will excite her and take her to the next level of satisfaction. Don't finger her vagina aggressively right in the beginning, as you might not be able to find her G-spot. Instead you can do it gently and constantly judge her reaction.

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