Aspects You Probably Didn't Know About Your Penis

All these years, ever since you were born, you have shared the essence of togetherness with it. Anytime your body needs to get rid of the harmful wastes, it provides the necessary channel. It has always let you attain the immense pleasure of sex. Undoubtedly, your penis has been one of your most favorite organs. But still do you very well know about it. Few facts about penis, although are significant, but are generally unknown to many.

You might have noticed that it's not so easy to move your penis, if it is erected. Why is it so? It's just because, there are actually no muscles in a penis. As already mentioned many are unknown of these facts, and so were those people probably who had given it the name ‘the love muscle'.

Many also depict and believe that one's foot size bears a resemblance with his penis' size. Again, those people probably didn't know much about their penis, as in actual there is no such relevance between the two sizes. The same is the depiction of the British International Urology Journal.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Everyone well knows about a fracture in hand, leg fracture, backbone fracture, and many more of such fractures that occur in the bones of any body part. Another established fact, known to almost everybody, is that there is not a single bone in the penis. So won't it sound a bit unusual when someone complains of ‘penile fracture'? No, it shouldn't. Yes, there can be a breakage or fracture in one's penis, if it is violently twisted in the erected state. The blood filled tubes, get burst. Although rare are such cases, but it generally occurs when one's penis slips out of the partner, and then is bent violently. You might get a warning, after knowing that about one third of such cases of penile fracture occurred during sex, with the partner on the man's top.

People with small sizes can very well challenge those with bigger penises, in term of erections. Seems surprising right? But its' true, as when erected, shorter penises show greater increment in length, than the longer ones. Researchers found that the shorter penises were capable of showing increments of almost eighty six percent with erection, while the longer ones were just capable of just forty seven percent increments.

Morning erection, yes you all might know it, as almost every healthy man generally wakes up with a firm erection in the morning. But did you know that this erection is the last one of the series of many night time erections. You might have never known it, but it's a fact that a healthy man's penis, on an average, gets a total of almost three to five erections, each erection of almost twenty three to twenty five minutes, while sleeping during the whole night.

So did you know all of these aspects about your ‘little friend'? If yes, you have been a good friend, truly. If no, don't worry its quite common with most men.

Linger in bed this morning.

Boys break the rule of getting up as soon as your alarm clock goes off. Instead take some time to play with, while she is still on bed. Your beautiful smile can make her day. So smile, cuddle her, and gaze directly into her eyes. It will strengthen your bonding with your girlfriend or partner. It is one of the easiest and effective ways of getting connected to your partner. Such acknowledgment will exhibit your passion towards your partner. She will definitely notice the same and will be comfortable talking to you and spend maximum time with you. Such a schedule on a daily basis will keep your passion and sexual desire alive forever.

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